Five Fall Trends: Accessories You Have to Have for 2015


By Rachel Moran

Fall trends are the fashionista’s reason for the season. Who doesn’t love when the leaves turn crisp and the collars turn up? Add the perfect touches to your sartorial swag with jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves, and hats that pioneer this year’s cutting edge. Fall 2015 takes a turn for the mod: an ultra-cool style characterized by geometric silhouettes, interesting texture, and splashy colors and prints. Post-bohemian and pre-punk, the look is elegant, contemporary, and just a little hedonistic.


Pearls came back strong this year. Instead of your beloved heirloom chokers or drippy strands, however, this fall’s jewelry trend is about otherworldly luster in unexpected places. Ear chains and nose rings get in your face, but pearls work for the traditionally pierced, too, with giant Deco-inspired pieces. The Ippolita Cascade Mother-of-Pearl Earrings are surprising enough—inlay over the old drilled bauble—for you to pair them with everything from lunch-date jeans to the newest midi dresses.


Structure holds tight to handbags this season. Trunks and satchels are hot, but this trend is most mind-blowing with silhouettes that take you back to geometry class. Trapezoids and hexagons (six sides!) dangle from manicured fingers. (The new way to hold your bag is at your side by the top handles.) The best selections, like the Givenchy Antigona Mini Leather Satchel Bag in creamy magenta, have an additional shoulder or cross-body strap so you can kick it into hands-free high gear. Splurge on color to modernize tailored workwear, or pair it with one of the season’s explosive prints.


Get ready to kick up your heels over this year’s fall trends in shoes. While the stiletto will always be a go-to, this year sees a chunky, comfy sole with square heels, lug treads, and mid-heights. Jewel-encrusted styles are spunky, but not necessarily super-fancy. The stunner of the season is the skintight boot that goes so high it looks like a pair of leggings. You can wear Miu Miu Suede Jewel-Heel Over-the-Knee Boots under skirts and dresses, or for seriously slick style, under tunics—just make sure the tunic hem covers the boot hem.


Wrap on a scarf for exactly the right amount of extra drama. This year, go for patterns. Fall runways showed plenty of prints, reminiscent of Turkish rugs and historic wallpaper. Your scarf’s print can be less hectic—a round or zigzagged pattern will do—but always geometric, even architectural. The mod influence is strong with mixed colors and an androgynous silhouette that almost looks like a man’s tie. The trend, embodied by the Fendi Bugs Twilly Silk Scarf, goes best with a round or scoop neck shirt—or you can tie it to the top handles of your bag.


Hats off? Nope, hats on this fall. This year’s trends haven’t forgotten the fedora, popular for a while now, but updated with a brim wider than ever. In fact, all hats are wider this year from the sporty snapback to the occasional wide-crown boater. Angle your black Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat rakishly, with big earrings and fitted pants or boots.

Click to check out the Fendi scarf at Neiman Marcus.


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