Trendy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015


By Megan Koester

October 31st is right around the corner, and you’re all out of costume ideas. It’s time to up your Halloween game. Give that old, boring witch outfit you’ve been wearing for a decade a break. Instead, impress your family and friends with one of these creative, cool costume ideas. After all, it’s 2015—not 1915!

Pizza Rat

The popularity of Pizza Rat gave Mickey Mouse a run for his money when a video of the slice-stealing rodent went viral this year. Looking for an easy (but trendy) costume idea? Just pair a mouse mask with a gray sweatsuit, pick up a slice of cheese pizza on the way to your Halloween party, and voilà—it’s rats off to you!


A certain mega movie franchise is back and hotter than ever, with the release of the next film installment of the legendary franchise mere months away. What better way to celebrate than to dress up like everyone’s favorite wookiee, Chewbacca? This costume’s got it all—the mask, the jumpsuit, the gloves, and the sash. All you need to do is learn Chewy’s war cry!

Salsa Dancer Emoji

If you’re looking to send someone a fun, flirty emoji, the salsa dancer is your go-to gal. Everyone knows the festive (if odd) emoji, so why not go as her this Halloween? Any sleeveless red dress with ruffles (like an A.L.C. dress) can turn you into the exotic, mysterious dancer—and best of all, you can wear the dress over and over again afterward. A Halloween costume you can wear year ’round? It’s not impossible!

Sriracha Bottle

People go crazy for the cult condiment Sriracha, putting it on everything from fries to eggs to ice cream (really!). If you’re wild about the oh-so-popular hot sauce, why not go as it? It’s easy—just wear a Sriracha logo shirt with a green beanie, and your costume’s complete. It’s the least amount of costume work you can feasibly get away with.

90s Throwbacks

Everyone is in full 1990s nostalgia-mode these days, and so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys at this year’s Halloween festivities. You have tons of choices for this theme—you could dress as a character from one of your favorite cartoons, like Rugrats or Captain Planet, or get a group together and dress as the gang from Saved by the Bell (an extra-large mobile phone is required for that one)—but if you’re looking for something simple that still fits the bill, then think grunge. All you have to do is grab a flannel shirt, some boots, and a winter hat. Make sure to practice your best apathetic looks in the mirror, and you’re all set.

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