5 Coolest Gadgets for All Kinds of Techies


By Kylie Ora Lobell

There’s at least one person in your life who is a complete techie. He reads up about the coolest gadgets. She always knows the latest technology news. And they buy products the second hit the market. It’s not easy to impress your techie friend. However, if you do some research of your own, you can find a quirky present that will be sure to delight. To start you off, here are five cool gadgets you might consider, no matter where their interests lie.

  1. Fitness Fanatic
    Cyclists are always looking a cool new device to make their bike ride more exciting. So the fitness fanatic in your life will love a GPS-enabled cycling computer that can be hooked onto a bike. This device is small, but offers a lot of information, as it allows you to monitor your speed, the distance of your ride, and how many minutes you’ve been riding. And when you head back home, you can hook it up to your laptop to see a map of where you’ve explored, and analyze your riding data.
  2. Home Automator
    If your favorite techie is more of a homebody—as in someone who is always trying to soup up his home with the latest gadgets, then a home automation starter kit will be right up his alley. It connects to a smartphone or tablet, and you can use it to switch your appliances on and off, dim the lights, and manage their thermostat. And it works from anywhere in the world, to keep your household going, even if you’re far away.
  3. Photographer
    A techie is always looking to enhance her devices, and that includes the quality of photos she’s taking with her smartphone. The photo-phile you know will love a special clip-on for her phone that makes every snap look professional. Look for one that offers multiple advanced-optic lenses (including fisheye, wide angle, and 10x and 15x macro), front and rear lenses, wearable pendants, and can fit into your pocket for ease of use.
  4. Workplace Innovator
    Who knew that a mouse could be one of the coolest gadgets out there? Now that tech geek at work can easily connect to Bluetooth to transform his mouse into a laser pointer. If your techie is making a presentation, it offers an immediate solution. It’s compact and integrates seamlessly with PC operating systems.
  5. Thrill Seeker
    There’s a certain kind of techie is always up for an adventure, and so that means they need the right gear. Nothing catches stunning video from great heights like a camera-operating drone. It’s equipped with a 14-megapixel HD action camera, a safety feature that turns off the blades when there’s an object or human nearby, and a signal range of 820 feet. Its piloting application can be downloaded onto Apple, Windows, or Android mobile devices—and the drone can be easily dissembled for travel purposes.

Whether the techie in your life is on the go or at home, these gifts will keep them busy and entertained all year long.

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