Tailgate Ideas and Gear for Football Season


By Tiffany Smith

Football season is in full force, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to tailgate. But this year, you’ll want to move beyond a few coolers and some folding chairs—that’s not how champions think! Great tailgate ideas require some strategy to get you game-day ready – whether you’re at home or at the stadium. Everyone knows the perfect tailgate requires the perfect gear, so start your planning with a few things every sports fan has to have.

The Grill

Anyone can pack some drinks. True epic tailgating is all about the food—burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings—but you need the right grill to feed your fellow fans. A collapsible, portable propane model sets up and cleans up easily, plus the grill surface fits all the food you need to keep the party going all day long.

A Place to Party

Instead of trying to serve all the food and drinks from the back of your car (and creating a mess you won’t want to clean up), make life simpler with a handy travel-ready tailgating table. You can prep, serve, and store everything you need. And its insulated side trays keep the next round cool.

Pre-Game Gaming

Don’t forget about the non-food-and-drink tailgate ideas! You may not be able to toss a football 50 yards (especially after a few burgers), but that’s why cornhole was invented. The popular bean bag game is a touchdown with guests of all ages and abilities, from Pop Warner to pro. The standard setup comes with eight bean bags and two game boards. Plus, to really show off the super-fan that you are, customize it with your favorite team logo.

Jock Jams

Sports teams use music to get pumped up before a game, and so should you. Create a stadium-like atmosphere with Bluetooth speakers to play tunes and broadcast pre-game events. A travel-sized, wireless option will connect to your smartphone or tablet, and its battery lasts over 10 hours, giving you plenty of time before (and after) kickoff.

A Field Goal to Cover the Spread

Tailgating is serious business—you’re not going to let a little nip in the air send you packing before kickoff. Stay warm by bringing plenty of blankets to pass around. But keep the best for yourself! A nice wool, cashmere throw is soft, warm, and perfect for cheering on your team.

Get ready for cornhole with this football-themed bean bag toss game from Wayfair.


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