Urban Accessories for Your City Adventure


By Tiffany Smith

Whether you’re going sightseeing, running errands, or enjoying brunch, a few urban accessories are a must as you navigate the busy metropolitan streets. The perfect pair of comfy shoes or just the right bag can turn your adventure from good to great—and can turn your look from tacky tourist to city chic. Here are five accessories that absolutely every urban explorer needs.

The Right Shoes

When you dress for an urban adventure, plan from the feet up. Your shoes are your most important accessory. Getting blisters two blocks in will put an end to your to-do list. But wearing bulky tennis shoes (no matter how comfortable) will make you stick out—and not in a good way. Pick a pair of city-approved sneakers that are comfortable and chic. They will take you everywhere you need to go, without slowing down your trip for one minute.

A Tough Messenger Bag

Take a cue from the bike messengers whizzing past you. The most practical bag for urban travelers is a messenger bag. A leather option is sturdy enough to hold all of your supplies, and the strap’s thick foam pad means your shoulder won’t be aching by lunch.

A Rock-Star Scarf

Nothing adds a bit of edge to urban accessories like skulls, and the famed McQueen skull print will offer you some serious street cred during your travels. A silk blend scarf is fashionable, but also practical enough to keep you warm in the wind tunnels between skyscrapers. It’s available in almost fifty colors, but everyone knows that a true city wardrobe comes in one shade and one shade only: black.

Tour-Group-Canceling Headphones

If the city noises start to get a little overwhelming, or if your ears just need a break, put on some over-the-ear headphones and turn up the music. The extra large design is meant to block out noise without sacrificing sound quality or comfort. You, and only you, should be the one curating the soundtrack to your urban excursion.

A Place for Your Thoughts

Putting the finishing touch on your collection of urban accessories is the simplest must-have of all: a notebook. No adventure is complete without a record of your journey, and no notebook is more indie-film cool than a classic red Moleskine.

Try this stylish, but functional leather messenger bag from Orvis.


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