Fall Table Settings: Spruce Up Your Table for the Season


By Holland Baker

Autumn is an excellent time to make some refreshing changes to your home. With the upcoming holidays beckoning like a cool breeze, a great place to start is the dining room with some colorful new table settings. Give your guests something to talk about (besides how long dinner is taking).

Table Runners

Dress up your table for your upcoming feast with the perfect fall table runner. A festive runner isn’t just for Thanksgiving, as it brings fall flavor to your table all season long with a vintage-cool mingling of your favorite fall colors. And when Turkey Day comes around, it’s the perfect spot to line up all your favorite dishes.

Pie Dessert Plates

To amp up your table settings this holiday season, focus on the best part of the meal—dessert! Pie-themed dessert plates let your guests show where their loyalties lie pie-wise, with the classics represented in fun illustrations.

Festive Tableclothes

What’s a better way to capture the fall spirit than with a tablecloth that features windblown leaves? You can go with a warm chocolate or neutral tobacco for a more understated charm, or shake up the preconceptions of “fall colors” with teal or violet, because when the weather outside is brisk, a bright color will warm up your room.

Cheese Boards

Holiday dinners are as much about the food as they are about the company. So during pre-dinner socializing, a cheese plate is the perfect thing to hold everyone over until the main event. A beautifully decadent cheese board featuring a simple gold orchid design pairs well with any kind of fall decor—and when put to use, it can complement some pretty delicious cheeses.

Serving Trays

When the time finally comes to serve up some turkey, chicken, ham, turducken—whatever it is your family loves—the presentation only adds to the delicious meal you’re about to enjoy. That’s where a gorgeous footed serving tray comes in. Serve up your pièce de résistance on a silver platter and leave them amazed and agape just in time for dinner.

Spruce up your table with a fall-inspired table runner from Wayfair.


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