Keeping Colorful in Fall: Jewelry Trends for the Season


By Rachel Moran

The brilliance of fall calls for the brilliance of new jewelry trends. The weather is cooler, the tones are warmer, and night falls earlier each day. It’s the perfect time to add new facets to your fashion with the season’s freshest looks in rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Statement pieces reappear with nods to both the 1980s and the 18th century. Look for curlicue filigree patterns, channel-set sequences of stones, new takes on pearls, and a dash of Deco styling. It’s a fun season for fine jewelry, whether you’re bestowing gorgeous gifts or taking the time to treat yourself.

Asymmetrical Earrings

A quirky, easy way to stay on trend, asymmetrical earrings let you rock a double profile, and this crooked look comes straight from the runways. Shop for a pair of mismatched earrings—new on the scene from on-trend designers—and play around with different configurations. Try wearing your favorite pair in one ear, then just wear a stud (or nothing) in the other—the less balanced the better. Weighing one side down with swingy, glittery adornments—like these long leaf with two diamonds dangle earrings—is a dramatic way to turn heads on an artsy day or night.


The drama ramps up with a touch of Baroque. Jewelry trends may come and go, but this one takes it back to the 1700s. Exaggerated detail, unusual gems, and ornate settings look royal on any hand, wrist, or neck. Bold features like diamond halos, oversize cushion cuts (a square with round corners), and large ovals highlight the clarity and fire in stones. Slip on a style like this morganite and diamond ring in 14k rose gold for opulence that holds its own with those weightier fall fashion silhouettes.


If the diamond halo look is bringing Baroque back, completely gem-encrusted styles are taking it to another level. Scrolled filigree patterns are popular now, but the real perk of all those curlicues is more room for gems. Other accessories go upper-crust this fall, too, with shoes and purses decked out in rhinestones or crystals. Make sure your jewelry matches with real-deal diamonds or other precious stones. The Blue Nile Studio diamond floral triple line bracelet has channel and bezel settings that bring the fall bling.

Updated Pearls

These aren’t your legacy pearls, although you might want to wear them forever. Pearl jewelry gets a serious update with this season’s jewelry trends. Instead of the classic string of round beads, wear mother-of-pearl, pearl inlay, and statement pearls in invisible settings. Still like a little tradition? Styles like the Monica Rich Kosann oversized mother of pearl oval locket show off your heritage and your contemporary culture.

Art Deco

Art Deco is all about shapes. Rectangular or curved, the emphasis is on modern finishes and symmetry (these pieces are a great way to balance your asymmetrical earrings). Simplicity reigns with this trend, and the geometry and strength of the material deliver the impact. This button pendant in satin 14k yellow gold epitomizes the clean statement look, which can add the perfect punch of Deco delight.

Check out the button pendant from Blue Nile for some fall flare:


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