The Perfect Gift Guide for Scorpios


By Rachel Moran

Scorpios are an alluring bunch. Picking the perfect gift shows you feel their sensuous vibe and dig their mysterious undercurrents. This isn’t the easiest sign to shop for! Born between October 23 to November 22, this is your friend who never starts drama, but always has an edge; who is fearless on an adventure, but relishes alone time. They’re undeniably smooth, even when they’re playing coy, and they love both luxury and a challenge. Catch the irresistible flash of your favorite scorpio’s smile this year with the perfect present.

Mysterious Musings

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, known for secrets and transformation, so their musings are rarely a topic of conversation. Let them brood! A beautiful journal—this Miansai Black Journal with Noir Hook is right up their dark alley—is the perfect outlet for their dreams and schemes. No peeking!

Calm and Collected

A Scorpio is a steady friend. No matter what you two get into, it’s hard to ruffle them. Honor this amazing calm with a meditative gift like a scented statement candle. This (MALIN+GOETZ) Neroli Candle has a heady bitter orange scent that a Scorpio would love.

Adventure Time

This sign isn’t all introversion. Scorpios are adventurers at heart. A big challenge, a far-flung destination, a touch of risk—Scorpio’s heart loves to pound. Gifts that commemorate adventure can’t go wrong. An impressive setup like a new Canon Digital Camera captures Scorpio’s sense of bravery, fun, and independence. Expect a mischievously grinning photo from an exotic location to post soon.

Strong Will, Strong Mind

Want to engage your Scorpios’s incredible mind? If chess wasn’t invented by a Scorpio, it should have been. Just like a scorpion, this sign is adept at practicing quiet strategy, patience, and will. The contemporary style of the Jonathan Adler Acrylic Chess Set is bound to keep your adventurer riveted to one spot in a game of skill and intellect.


You can’t help but go overboard when shopping for your beloved Scorpio. Under the veneer of mystery is an ultra-magnetic personality that dazzles with passion and charisma. Splurge on the best—gold, platinum, diamonds—your Scorpio is worth it. This Graduated Diamond Eternity Necklace in 14k White Gold is almost as captivating as your Scorpio love. After all, an enchanting individual requires an enchanting gift.

Engage the mind of your favorite Scorpio with the Jonathan Adler Acrylic Chess Set from Nieman Marcus.


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