Calling all Audiophiles: Turn Your Home into a Wall of Sound


By Eric J. Bruno

Surround sound systems have long been used in theaters to help immerse viewers in the movie, and enhance the overall viewing experience. For an audiophile with a home theater, surround sound systems do that and so much more. Component sound systems consist of a TV, at least one video source, a receiver, and multiple speakers. Take a look at some home theater components that are sure to enhance your holiday viewing, listening, and party experience.


Since most people already have a TV and at least one video source (e.g., DVD, Blu-ray, cable, or satellite programming), to become a true audiophile, a good place to start is the receiver. Look for a model that supports Bluetooth to stream music from your smartphone or tablet, five or more channels to create a true surround sound experience, and support for a quality HDMI video connection. Some receivers even support 4K high-definition video, although you may need to move up from entry-level for full 4K support. Or you can upgrade to a model that with additional channels for an enhanced surround sound experience, connectivity features, and multi-room output. This means that you can stream music from one or more sources to multiple rooms in your home.


Remember, a receiver is only as good as the speakers you connect it to. An audiophile knows there are different types of speakers to choose from, and selecting the right combination will make a huge difference in sound reproduction. To begin, select a center channel speaker to really drive the audio experience directly at you when watching a movie. To fill the room with sound from behind, select at least one floor tower speaker, which combines woofers, loudspeakers, and tweeters to envelop you in full-spectrum sound. But don’t stop there! Combine these with shelf- or wall-mounted speakers placed around your room or home to produce a true surround experience.


If you’re short on space, or you’re into a minimalist look, the latest in soundbar speakers will appeal to you. Soundbars are typically shaped like a relatively thin horizontal bar, and get mounted on top or in front of the TV itself. Entry-level models typically pack plenty of wattage to produce strong sound in a small package, while other models support wireless sound connectivity (i.e., wifi and Bluetooth) and eight channel inputs, and allow other speakers to be connected to expand the surround sound experience as far out as you’d like.

The fun of becoming an audiophile includes the time spent shopping online for the best sound experience you can find. You’ll not only learn enough about your home theater options to brag about to your friends, you’ll also be sure to find the best deals available to make your holiday party or viewing experience something your friends will envy.

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