DIY Crafts: Festive Homemade Holiday Gifts


By Christina Montoya Fiedler

Thinking about attempting some DIY crafts for the holidays? You don’t have to be crafty to whip up some homemade fun for a more festive season. Whether you want to step up your decorating game or create some fun memories with the kids, there are some projects that are as easy and fun to make as they are to give. And even if you’re still a DIY amateur, you can give beautiful gifts that look homemade. Whether or not you want to pass them off as your own is up to you. (But remember: Santa’s always watching.)

Decking the Halls

Decorating is a big part of the holiday season, but not everything has to be store-bought to look perfect. You can work on creating the perfect tablescape by making the perfect centerpiece. Start with a glass vase and fill it with colorful beads in your favorite colors. Fill the vase with water then add some of your favorite flowers, along with pine and berry branches. The beads not only add color to your arrangement, but also help keep your flowers fresh and in place. The vase makes a great gift when combined with a lovely bouquet.

Creating Family Keepsakes

Capture tiny handprints by creating handmade ornaments with plaster. You can use cookie cutters to shape the plaster into hearts, stars, and other shapes. Then let your little one press their hand into it. Let the plaster harden then paint it with your favorite colors. Attach a pretty ribbon and hang from your tree. Make extras to give out as gifts, or consider hosting an ornament exchange party. DIY crafts that involve the kids are always a hit with family and friends.

Celebrate the Year

Remember and celebrate the past year by completing a scrapbook. The pictures don’t have to be perfect—candid shots are great for remembering fun family times. Be sure to include pics from birthdays, holidays, and other milestones. The kit makes it easy with premade pages and tons of stickers and accessories. Consider putting together separate books for different family members or friends for a heartfelt homemade gift.

Show off Your (Shopping) Skills

If you’re not DIY-inclined, but you want your friends and family to think you are, let them feast their eyes on a nice holiday wreath. It’s timely, and rife with the rustic charm of red oak leaves, broom corn, and adorable little faux apples. No one needs to know that you didn’t make it yourself. If you’re feeling particularly confident, tell them you got the fragrant spiral eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks at the same local spice market where you pick up the ingredients for your homemade herbal tea. And even if you get caught, it’s still a nice accent to any home for a festive season.

Make your own centerpiece with a vase from WayFair.


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