Stress Reliever Gifts for Your Busiest Friends


By Jae Curtis

You probably find that you have to pick up the pace a bit to get everything done during the holidays. (There’s a reason why the song mentions “dashing” through the snow, after all.) And all that activity can really do a number on your stress levels! And while it might be impossible to adjust your friends’ social calendars for November and December, you can calm your chi energy with an array of stress reliever gifts for yourself or your busiest loved ones.

Beginner Yoga Gear

Yoga can be a great stress reliever to help you hit that “pause” button in your life. Putting together a bagful of beginner yoga gear as a gift might just inspire you to steal five minutes for yourself and find some inner peaceā€”if only to jump back into the festivities. Stock the gift bag with a beginner’s yoga DVD, a sleek new mat, a yoga towel, a fun pair of yoga socks, and a new water bottle.

Affirmation Decor

When you’re stressed, a kind word can go a long way as a reminder to breathe and take it all in. A nice poster with bold lettering that proclaims “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” “Keep calm and carry on,” or “too blessed to be stressed” offers that perfect reassurance you need to get your chi energy in order and simply enjoy the holiday season. There’s plenty of inspirational decor to be had in the way of signs and plaques, and they pair well with a potted plant or favorite sweet treat for a friend who just needs a positive influence to get through a busy holiday season.

Spa Basket

Spa baskets are ideal hostess gifts. After all, she might look serene when you arrive to her Christmas party, but your friend probably spent a few days stressing over food, decor, and invitations. Fill a spa basket with items like bath salts, bubble bath, a fragrant candle in a relaxing scent like lavender, and even an energizing eye patch or mask to give a hostess all the tools she needs to relax when all her guests have left.

Perfect Sleep Kit

A good night’s sleep can help preface chi energy and a Zen-like state, but with everything to arrange and remember, you might be missing out on your full 40 winks during the holiday season. If you’re feeling stressed out, a new pillow is a must, but you could also try a massage mat to reduce tension and help knead away stress.

Relaxing Experiences

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be of the wrapped variety, especially if your friend has everything he or she needs. Instead, you can opt for stress-relieving experiences that bring you together for a chance to unwind after the hectic holidays. Whether your thing is an hour-long massage, yoga classes, relaxing art lessons, or even chocolate and wine tastings, these are great low-key activities to remind you that sometimes you need to take a break from the craziness.

Holiday stress can put a damper on festivities, but you can keep your anxiety levels low with a stress reliever. These gifts can go a long way toward making this holiday peaceful and bright.

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