Fall Cleaning: Home Organizing Tips and Hacks


By Christina Montoya Fiedler

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means parties and family gatherings will soon fill up the calendar. It’s tough to stay organized when there’s so little time and so much to do. Try these organizing tips and super hacks that will have your house in tip-top shape for all the festivities.


Did you know that cupcake pans can be used for much more than cupcakes? You can place them in drawers to keep miscellaneous items in place. It might be called a junk drawer, but that doesn’t mean it has to be messy. You can also use cupcake pans to hold supplies when making holiday ornaments. This way, little hands can easily reach sequins, buttons, ribbons, and other colorful items without making too much of a mess. Another idea is to use a cupcake pan to hold holiday cookie decorations. It’s easily portable from the pantry to the kitchen table, so everyone can have access sprinkles, candy, and frosting—delicious and organized!


Wintertime clothing is big and bulky, so finding adequate storage for guests’ coats along with your family’s attire can be a challenge. Whether you’re organizing your own room or creating a welcoming entryway for guests, a closet organizer and these organizing tips can help. You can use pant hangers to hang scarves so they don’t get lost in the mix and are easier to find. You can also use over-the-door shoe organizers to hold frequently lost accessories like gloves, knit caps, and winter socks. You could even add a few wrapping materials (tape and scissors) for easy access when the need arises. Hey, it’s not easy being Santa’s helper.

Laundry Room

What about a beverage dispenser in the laundry room? It could work very well, especially if you have folks staying over and you’re doing large quantities of laundry. Just fill up the dispenser with your liquid laundry detergent so you can get to it quickly. Get a second for fabric softener, too. They actually look really nice—much better than a big, bulky bottle of detergent. The best organizing tips won’t cramp your style!

Try a closet organizer starter kick from Wayfair to keep your bedroom in order.


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