Care Package Ideas: Supporting Service People Abroad


By Christina Montoya Fiedler

Veteran’s Day isn’t the only time to thank the men and women who serve this great nation at home and abroad. You might have a family member or a neighbor who is currently serving in the military. A great way to show your gratitude for their dedication is to send the soldiers in your life holiday care packages—items that they need and items that will simply put a smile on their face and brighten their holidays while they’re away. If you’re looking for care package ideas, just think about the kinds of thing that would comfort you if you were away from home. (But be sure to do a little research before you start packing to make sure you know what you can and cannot send.)

Yours Truly

A taste of home is always welcomed by soldiers who are working overseas. A care package containing nicely framed photos of people they love, along a heartfelt note, will help them feel connected to life back at home. Adding in a stationery kit with stamps and nice pens will make writing back easy and fun. There’s just something about a handwritten letter that can mean so much more than a text or an email.

Comfort Food

If you don’t know anyone who’s serving, look into how you can send gifts and find other care package ideas for soldiers through the USO. There’s always a need for treats and healthy nonperishable items. Think about snacks that travel well and have long shelf lives. Items like nuts, trail mix, preserves, and dried fruit are homey and will last a long time.

Fun & Games

Our service people are busy, but during their downtime, they’re looking for a little entertainment, that might be sorely lacking depending on where they are stationed. A foam football or basketball will tell them blow off steam, and will be a nice reminder of their favorite sports back at home. Frisbees, hacky sacks, playing cards, and comic books provide entertainment and much needed relaxation for the men and women who are working hard for the country. These may be small things, but these care package ideas go a long way, especially around the holidays, to remind those serving in the military that you’re thinking of them.

Consider sending a delicious treat to our soldiers this holiday:


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