Living Room Design Ideas: Creating the Ultimate Home Theater


By Rachel Moran

A home theater is the ultimate dream. Cushy, relaxing, and fun for everyone you love. Even with new TVs and sound systems coming out regularly, you can still find a setup that brings your family joy for years to come. Thumb through a few simple living room design ideas to bring your visions to life. With more and more impressive technology coming out all the time, it’s easy to replicate a silver screen experience at home.

The Big TV

No wonder most living room design ideas center around the TV. It’s the one thing in your home that can transport everyone’s imagination to the same place at the same time. New televisions pack a major punch, too. The hottest ones now are the OLED screens. Over 8 million pixels—that’s four times as many as Full HD—means your movie theater rivalry is on. New curved screens practically pull you into the movie action. The technology helps everyone see with crystal clarity no matter where they sit, so you can place your screen front and center and play with seating options.

All-in-One Theater Packages

Gone are the days of frustrating entertainment system setups. While lots of people get a professional installation, you need to be able to work your system, too, both for entertainment or the occasional troubleshooting. This is where smart—make that super-smart—packages enter the picture. Imagine simply plugging in and having the equipment prompt you to let it do the rest. Pick an entertainment system with built-in unifying technology across a receiver, video player like a Blu-ray, and a variety of speakers and subwoofers to make your setup process as simple as possible. Many even have auto-calibration to optimize sound for your room layout so you have to lift a finger.

Sound Bars

If you need smaller living room design ideas, you can rely on a few key speaker components to still bring theater-quality sound. Try a streamlined sound bar with multiple drivers and speakers built into it. The one thing home theater fans know is that the speakers on those giant TVs just aren’t as immersive as the picture quality. A good sound bar amplifies dialogue, smooths out sound effects, and levels the soundtrack against the rest of the sound. Mount them directly to the bottom of the TV or onto the wall.

Theater Seats

So you’ve got the hardware figured out. Now you need some soft, inviting seating—the kind that lets you sink in and get lost in the movie. Complete your experience with real theater seating. With compartments that have room to hide remotes or big boxes of theater candy, you can simply kick your seat back and enjoy. Pass around the popcorn because the show is about to begin!

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