The Hottest Holiday Gifts and Gadgets for Teenagers


By Megan Koester

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to shop for—they’re just so hard to please! Struggling to find that special something for the teen who has everything? Struggle no more. The hot holiday gifts and gadgets on this list will please even the finickiest adolescent in your life.

Video Games

The hottest games of the year always end up dropping around the holidays, and this year is no exception. Score some major brownie points with the teen in your life by getting the Xbox One. Not only can they get their game on, they can also use the Xbox One to listen to music and stream TV and movies, making it one of the most all-purpose gadgets on the market. The only thing it can’t do is get snacks.

Movie Tickets

All teenagers love going to the movies and losing themselves to the epic story lines on the big screen, from vampires and werewolves falling in love to sci-fi sagas that take place in galaxies far, far away. Luckily, there’s nothing easier than buying a gift card to let them select tickets to whatever flick they desire. You can add any amount, from $25 to $100, to a physical card, making it a perfect stocking stuffer. And if you’d prefer to go green, just send the card via email—a flash of a smartphone screen will get them into the latest blockbuster.


Smartphones, while handy gadgets, can only do so much. In order to stay fully connected to the digital world, all teenagers need a computer to call their own. And if that computer’s also a super light, infinitely portable tablet? A combination laptop and tablet is the perfect playlist pumper and video streamer. Oh, and it’s the perfect homework tool, too. (Shh…)

Diamond Supply Co. Clothing and Accessories

The LA-based skateboard clothing and accessory company Diamond Supply Co. has, in the past few years, exploded in popularity—and it’s a big hit with teens. Their huge selection of wares, from hoodies and T-shirts to peacoats and button-ups, all feature their iconic and coveted diamond logo.


Does your family include a teenage fashionista in training? Get her a trendy designer crossbody handbag for the holidays. The rock star look is bask this year, so you can’t go wrong with studs and tassels.

Want a quick and easy gift that's sure to please any teenager on your list? Just buy them a movie gift card from


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