How to Find Retro Fashion for Retro Prices


By Jae Curtis

Fashion Week is a hub of trend and innovation, but not every piece is completely new. While it’s true that designers showcase everything from futuristic shoes to never-before-seen dresses, the big story for Spring 2016 isn’t what’s new, but what’s retro. Taking a page from designers passed, fashion houses are going decidedly mod with their garments—a welcome change, especially if you’re into retro fashion. Of course, if you want to bring the runway home, the good news is that you won’t have to pay designer prices. You can score unique vintage clothing on a dime, everywhere from department stores to thrift stores to online shops.


Typically known for its assortment of electronics, Rakuten offers a wide variety of clothing, some of which has a decidedly retro fashion flavor. A classic midi peplum dress calls to mind a ’50s vibe, while a color-blocked draped T-shirt dress can be worn with tights and knee-high boots for a modern twist on retro wear. The marketplace offers deep discounts on much of the site’s clothing: everything from popular brands to new indie favorites.

Beyond the Rack

Another way to score retro styles on a dime is to scour flash sale sites for great deals on items with vintage flair. It might take a little more hunting, but flash sale sites like Beyond the Rack are ideal for getting higher-end pieces without having to pay the higher-end prices. Conduct your own #TBT by checking out flash sale sites. A crocheted dress looks perfect when paired with dark tights, a sleek pair of booties, and a ’70s-inspired leather vest. Come summer, it’ll look perfectly mod with a pair of sandals and enamel jewelry. Or, let your accessories do the retro fashion talking. Snap up a unique vintage wallet that can double as a chic clutch.


Fab is a site dedicated to showcasing artisans and up-and-coming designers. With a collection of retro jewelry, you won’t have to spend a ton to support new artists and score the retro look you love. A colorful, vintage-inspired bracelet would be the perfect accent to a bright scarf layered over a mod shift dress.

Whether you prefer new or you don’t mind a treasure hunt for the old, with the past back in style, there’s plenty retro fashion to be had without having to spend designer bucks. Keep an eye out for vintage details and cool accessories, and you can add a unique vintage vibe to your wardrobe, no matter your budget.

Try an embroidered top from Neiman Marcus for the right balance of retro and modern style.


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