5 Surprisingly Chic Techie Wearable Gift Ideas


By Jae Curtis

Wearable tech has been one of the biggest stories these days, but while smartwatches, fitness trackers, and even virtual glasses have cool capabilities, they’re not always the most fashionable options. High-tech and high-fashion don’t typically go hand-in-hand, but if you have a fashion-forward techie in your life, you might be looking for something both futuristically functional and effortlessly chic. Luckily, some designers are catching on to the high-fashion wearables trend, so your options aren’t as limited as before. Whether you’re buying for a music lover or someone who’s all about fitness, these gifts are heavy on tech and high on style.

  1. Designer Fitness Trackers
    Typical fitness trackers are streamlined and plain—after all, most fitness buffs are more concerned with heart rate than style. But Garmin has teamed up with designer Jonathan Adler to offer stylish alternatives to the regular black band. The Garmin vivofit 2 comes with two interchangeable bands, so the techie in your life can switch up their look while still keeping track of their fitness goals.
  2. Chic Notifying Jewelry
    Don’t you hate it when you miss an important call because your phone is tucked into a bag or a pocket? So do your tech-obsessed friends and family members, which is why chic notifying jewelry is a major wearables trend for 2015. Ringly is a gorgeous statement ring (that comes with different stones) that can vibrate and even light up when a call is detected—no more missed notifications!
  3. Wired Earmuffs
    Baby, it’s cold outside! Why not gift your favorite techie with a fashion-forward way to stay warm and still listen to their tunes? UGG Australia Headphone Wired Earmuffs offer excellent sound quality and are guaranteed to keep cold weather from nipping at anyone’s ears. They’ll look equally great on the slopes as they will during an apres-ski drink.
  4. Fashionable Smartwatches
    The field of smartwatches is getting bigger, thanks to a variety of manufacturers looking to corner the market on tech wearables. It also means you have more gifting options when choosing fashion-forward smartwatches to give to family and friends. The Motorola Moto 360 is a sleeker option when compared to bulkier smartwatches, perfect for anyone who prefers something to blend in with their usual, chic look.
  5. Fitness Tracker Accessories
    While they aren’t tech-based on their own, fitness tracker accessories are the perfect add-on for someone who loves their fitness tracker but hates the way it can derail an otherwise great outfit. The Tory Burch Fitbit Case comes in several styles and colors, from wrap bracelets to rhodium-plated. The case lends some high-fashion panache to an otherwise one-note wearable tech accessory.

Just because you’re friends with a techie doesn’t mean your gifts have to be heavy on the machinery. As wearables become more common, expect to see more options crop up for all of your tech-obsessed friends.

Buy UGG Wired Earmuffs from Neiman Marcus for a cold-weather techie.


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