Easy-to-Use Technology Gifts for Technophobes


By Megan Koester

Sure, technology is an inescapable reality of modern life, but not everyone is a fan. Do you have a die-hard technophobe on your holiday list? Get them one of these easy-to-use gadgets. Once they see how cool and convenient they are, you may just have a new tech-addict on your hands.

Power Station

It’s 2015—even the most avowed technophobes at least have cell phones or tablets. The thing about all these gadgets, though, is that if you run out of juice, you’re left in the dark. Power stations are hand-held batteries that can recharge a range of USB devices that anyone can figure out. Just plug your dead technology in, and you’re good to go. There’s no need to fear running out of power when you’re out and about.

Smart Home Controller

Soon, everything in our homes (and our lives!) will be automated. Let your technophobe ease into the inevitable future with a starter smart home controller. When paired with a smartphone or tablet, its easy-to-use sensors can keep track of dozens of things, from the temperature of your home to the quality of your sleep. It can even remind you to take your medicine if you forget. Show that technophobe that technology can be helpful too.

Instant Camera

Everyone remembers classic instant cameras of the past, but did you know they’re still around, albeit with a high-tech twist? Today’s updated instant film cameras come with high-performance flashes, landscape and close-up options, self-timers, and even selfie modes. All you need to do is point and click—no complicated guide or formal training needed. You can watch the photo develop right in front of you, creating the perfect party souvenir.

Key Finder

Everyone’s a little scatterbrained sometimes. When the question, “Well, where’s the last place you left it?” just can’t be answered, key finders can save the day. They’re incredibly easy to use. Simply attach them to your keys, purse, or whatever you want to track, and when you misplace it, press a button and follow the beep to your lost item.

Retro Handset

Holding your smartphone, especially if it’s huge, up to your ear for hours on end can be exhausting, making you yearn for the simpler, more ergonomic days of rotary phones. Lucky for you, retro handsets for smartphones exist. They’re easy-to-use, too. Just plug one into your phone’s headphone jack and talk away. They’re the perfect analog gift in a digital world.

Try an Instant Camera from Crutchfield that even the biggest technophobe can use with ease.


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