5 Price Checker Apps for Comparing Prices


By Kylie Ora Lobell

To get hot deals on products and services, you no longer have to spend hours doing research online or flipping through multiple coupon books and newspapers. Now all you need is your smartphone and the right apps to compare the best prices available on the spot. Here are five useful price checker apps that will save you time and give you access to great deals.

ScanLife Bar Code & QR Reader

The ScanLife Bar Code & QR Reader is an app that allows you to go into a store and scan any product’s bar code or QR code. That swiftly brings up prices and reviews, as well as information about the product. If you find that the product is too expensive for you, the app provides exclusive deals related to your search for alternative options.


RedLaser is another app that transforms shopping with the scan of a bar code or QR code. You can use its price checker to scan all the major retail codes, search millions of prices from thousands of retailers, and find deals and coupons. Plus, the app stores all your loyalty cards and has image, voice, and keyword recognition for products in case the bar code is not accessible.


Along with its price checker and scanner, ShopSavvy looks at online and local prices, and shows you product reviews. You can price-match and show your cashier in order to receive a better deal in-store, turn on sale alerts to find out the best time to purchase an item, and receive hot deals on a weekly or daily basis from your favorite stores and malls.


The Orbitz app gives you the power to search and book hot deals on hotels around the globe. You can compare hotel prices, look at reviews and photos, and choose the hotel that best suits your needs. The app is updated in real-time, and you can book a great hotel room at the last-minute. There is even a “nearby tonight” option that shows hotels closest to your location. Orbitz offers a secure and speedy booking process, meaning that you can be settling into the nicest hotels for the lowest prices at any time.

Price Cruncher

If you can’t figure out what the best deals are based on units, Price Cruncher can help you out. This price checker app allows you to compare prices on a per-unit basis like length, area, volume, and weight. It also supports bulk price comparisons from relevant retailers that sell in bulk. Included in the app is a discount calculator, and you have the ability to create a customized shopping list based on your past purchases.

Saving money has never been simpler. Once you download any of these apps, you’ll be able to get hot deals on all the products you know, love, and wish to obtain.

Download the Orbitz app to find the best deals on hotels around the globe.


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