Gifts to Impress Your In-Laws


By Rachel Moran

Your in-laws may not always be the easiest people to shop for. These are the people that helped mold your beloved into the fantastic person you fell for, but that means they hold you to a high standard. Don’t be afraid to splurge a bit on the right gift if it will impress. It can be the perfect time to show your mother-in-law that you know how to pick out that sweater that will look fabulous on her, and give your father-in-law the gadget he’s been after. Of, if your in-laws are two peas in a pod, that one big gift is the perfect solution. These are a few gifts ideas keep you on the good side with your in-laws.

For Her

Your mother-in-law was probably the one who kept everyone fed, cleaned up spills, drove all over the world for activities, and still had time for hugs. Something cozy and soft is a great way to show that you recognize how loving she’s been over the years. Go for high-quality shawls, blankets, or sweaters. She can enjoy a cashmere sweater with a little seasonal sparkle all winter long. It’s comfortable, and it will look great on her.

For Him

Your father-in-law might be a tough guy, a softy, or somewhere in between, but one thing is almost certain—your significant other probably looked to him to feel safe when they were growing up. A handsome watch tells him you know how much time he invested as a parent, and that you’re happy he has time to relax now. The functions on watches are nearly endless these days, but you can’t go wrong with a water-resistant chronograph with a band that matches almost everything. It’s classic and reliable, like him.

For The Two of Them

Sometimes, a splashy gift for two is the way to go. You want to do something special for a couple that has done so much for you. Maybe it’s not a thing that they need, but an experience that they’ll never forget. They’ve offered up babysitting time when you’ve gone away, but now it’s time to give them a getaway they’ll never forget. Are they the kind of couple that would prefer an Alaskan cruise or something more tropical? If they’re not much for exotic vacations, maybe a special night of to themselves at a local bed and breakfast is a better option. Tickets to a show or a ball game for the spring are great gestures, especially if they present a chance to get the whole family together, which you know they love. Whatever you choose, enjoy splurging on them—the only thing to worry about is how you’re going to top yourself next year!

Get your mother-in-law a cozy cashmere sweater from Orvis.


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