Gifts for Adventurous Kids: Outdoor Fun in any Weather


By Megan Koester

Some kids are content to just sit in the house and play video games all day. Other, more adventurous ones would rather spend their days partaking in outdoor fun. Whether they’re addicted to sledding or bug collecting, or just love to bounce around to their hearts’ content, your mini outdoorsman or outdoorswoman will love a gift on this list.

Jump Around

You must remember, with envy, the kids in the neighborhood who had a huge trampoline in their back yard. How lucky they were, being able to engage in jumping contests whenever they wanted! Bouncing away on a trampoline is, indeed, the ultimate way to have outdoor fun—and it’s great exercise (but don’t tell the kids that!).

Tech Toys for Curious Souls

Children who are into outdoor fun also tend to have a curious streak. Get the inquisitive kid on your list a junior-sized metal detector. They’ll spend hours walking around, searching for treasure. And, hey, you never know—they might find an item of jewelry in their travels that tickles your fancy. And that means your gift will pay for itself!

Buggin’ Out

You may have had a butterfly net when you were a kid, but kids these days (even ones who live for outdoor fun) are a little more, say, tech savvy. Instead of a rinky-dinky net, get them a bug vacuum—they’ll be able to quickly and safely suck up the objects of their fascination, and can examine them more in depth than the budding entomologists of the past.

Playing Dress-Up

If they’re going to be an explorer, they’d better look the part. Get them a safari vest to wear on all their adventures, with cargo pockets to stash their binoculars and straps to attach all their gear to. Best of all, it will protect their shirts from those hard-to-clean grass stains.

Let it Snow

The best thing about winter is—you guessed it—the snow, and every adventurous kid worth their salt loves sledding their way through it. Get them a lightweight, easy-to-carry sled and watch them barrel down hillsides with ease, giggling all the while.

For the adventurous kid on your list, buy a snow sled from Bass Pro.


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