Bartending Basics: Gadgets for Your Favorite Home Bartender


By Rachel Moran

Everyone has that one friend that who can’t wait to hand you a drink. Whether it’s her craft cocktail, his home brew, or their treasured vintage, these social souls go above and beyond the bartending basics you find at your local watering hole or favorite restaurant. A holiday party just wouldn’t be the same without their special spirit—or spirits, as the case may be—so come bearing the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate them.

The Oenophile

Friends who know about wine—also known as oenophiles—are amazing. They know about regions, vintages, tasting notes, and temperature. And, they make the food taste even better by selecting just the right pairing. Chances are your wine-loving friend owns all the bartending basics. Let them know you love when they get nerdy about wine with a high-tech bottle thermometer that fits around the body of the bottle. After all, stand-out taste deserves a stand-out gift, no matter what kinds of drinks your friends like best.

The Cocktail Connoisseur

Parties at their place are luxe. The decorations are gorgeous. The music makes everyone move, and the cocktails are outstanding. This might be your friend who revels in complex mixology—muddling, shaking, and always using the right glass—or it might just be a hearty pour for the classics. Stock your friend’s bar with an incredible cocktail mixer gift basket that includes bartending basics like extra glasses and a shaker, plus a few fun mixers or bar snacks. Then, every time you guys make memories, your host will think of you, too.

The Pre-Gamer

All it takes is one person to get the good times rolling. You know who it is in your circle: the one who always suggests pre-drinks. Even if you have a holiday party planned for the evening, you’re probably swinging by her place first. Bring a gift made just for her style, like a tricked-out shaker that sets up serious drinks in a hurry. Now you two are ready to head over to the big party.

The Party Animal

This is the guy who is always up for fun. Whether he’s hosting a football game or a holiday party, or just having friends over for brewskis, you can count on this friend for laughter. He might dabble in home brewing—or he might be flat-out fantastic at it—and he’s definitely a more-the-merrier type. Keep the party going with a kegerator that fits kegs of his own brews, or bring a keg everybody loves with you.

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