Creative Gifts for December Birthdays


By Kylie Ora Lobell

When your friends and family members have December birthdays, it can be tough to come up with two creative gift ideas to satisfy both the birthday and the seasonal holidays. It’s important to make sure that the birthday is a distinctive day in itself, with a memorable gift not connected to the holidays at all. Gifts should stand out and be useful for the season and beyond. Here are some creative ideas for December birthday gifts and experiences that will be sure to impress when you’re celebrating your loved one’s special day.

For an Off-Season Special Day

Just because your friends and family members have December birthdays, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase gifts just to be used during the winter. That’s where a picnic basket comes in handy. When spring starts to emerge, your recipient can enjoy a nice meal with their pals and relatives in the park or at the beach. But even in the winter, make a special day out of it by packing it with all the necessities (like flatware, stemware, and napkins) along with some other goodies. Light some candles in the house, spread a blanket, and have an indoor birthday picnic. It’s great for a romantic night, or even a day with the family.

For an Outdoor Adventure

If you’re buying for the outdoorsy type, send them off in style with a cool and comfortable sleeping bag or a stylish Roamers Pack. If you’re camping or skiing, they are both perfectly designed to keep you warm and happy. A day on the slopes followed by a night spent getting cozy at the lodge is a great way to celebrate the big day.

For Bringing Some Life to the Office

Give a gift that lasts when you purchase your loved one a bonsai tree. This low-maintenance plant will brighten up any dull room and relax even the most intense pencil pusher. Trimming the little tree’s miniature foliage ‘fro into the silhouette most pleasing to their eye is a way to make the plant even more special. Plus, bonsai trees last for years, so every time they look at the tree, they will think of you fondly.

For the Kid Who Doesn’t Need Another Toy

Everyone knows that holidays will be filled with action figures, dolls, and the same old toys, but if you’re buying for children with birthdays so close, why not use it as an opportunity to inspire their more creative sides? For little guys, an activity cube offers nearly endless possibilities for engaging and educational fun. Older kids love games, but for an extra special take on an old favorite, the XXL Wooden Connect Game is so big that they’ll never grow out of it (and never look back at those tiny checkers). And if you’re shopping for teens, you know they are always ready for their close-up. A new video camera will help them become a silver screen superstar in no time.

For the True Pet Lover

Everyone has one friend or family member who treats his dog like royalty. Show your appreciation for both the owner and the pooch with a nice shirt for him and a matching dog jacket to keep you both warm in December and all winter long. Dog jackets and sweaters these days come in all different sizes and designs, so you can find new and creative ideas for the fit and style to match both personalities. The perfect combo is sure to give your favorite December birthday guy or gal that special day they’re hoping for.

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