To Mom and Dad with Love: Gift Giving Made Easy


By Linnea Covington

Gift giving can feel challenging, especially when it comes to helping your children decide what to buy for their mom or dad. There’s nothing like proudly proclaiming, “Look what the kids got you,” whether that means a useful gadget, a beautiful pendant, or something delicious. With just a bit of thought, you can easily get the thing they’ve always wanted—even if they don’t know it yet. Plus, helping your kids with gift giving provides the perfect opportunity to gain points with your honey.

For Mom

Pleasing moms might seem easy—no matter what your kids decide to give her, chances are she will love it. But why not make her life a little easier by picking up a smart crockpot? She can turn it on or adjust the temperature using her smartphone, making it easier to plan ahead while on the go. And to show her how much you appreciate all that hard work, you may want to add some jewelry with a twinkling pendant to go with it. (Although that one might be from both of you!)

You might also think about going for a nice-looking serving tray accompanied by handmade coupons for things like “Breakfast in Bed” or “Mom’s Tea Service.” Not only will this encourage your kids to think of creative ways to pamper Mom after the holidays, but a handy serving tray can be used all over the house for many things.

For Dad

It might seem like Dad has it all, but that doesn’t mean he won’t love getting a special gift from the kids, especially when it proves useful. How about a power station in his favorite power color to make sure he’s able to keep his smartphone, tablet, and other USB devices charged up so he can play a game, read the news, and text all at the same time? On that note, another serviceable thing for a dad on the move is a coffee maker that brews top-notch drinks right into a handy to-go cup.

Or get dad a stylish wireless speaker that can be used in the garage, placed in the kitchen, or taken on adventures. It’s a great way for him to share his music with the family and even inspire a rock fan or two. It’s something he will use every day, and each time your kids see it, they’ll know he appreciates the thought, even after the holidays are long gone.

Looking for special gift for dad? A power station in his favorite power color from Hypebeast is a great addition to his gadget collection.


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