Gift Guide for the Outdoorsman in Your Life


By Kylie Ora Lobell

You may not know anything about fishing lines, camping tents, ski gear, or hiking essentials, but that special outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) in your life does. They keep up on all the latest news and advancements in outdoor products, and they’re always excited when a new one is released. They live to spend time in the wild and get back to nature. For the upcoming holidays or a birthday, treat your favorite outdoorsman (outdoorsperson?) with a gift they’ll be sure to love. Here are some ideas for presents you can give them to use in the great outdoors.

Hydration Pack

Whether your fishing, hiking, or just adventuring, the most important part of venturing to the great outdoors is staying hydrated. So you’ll never have to worry about your loved ones if you gift a hydration pack. They’re comfortable, and allow you to carry the water you need for your journey. It’ll make life way more convenient, and the time spent outdoors much more enjoyable.

Mess Kit

To make your favorite outdoorsman a happy camper, give the gift of a handy mess kit. If you’re foraging for game or even glamping, you need the right tools to cook at the camp site. The stainless steel pans and plastic cup are easy to carry and to clean on the go. And just to make sure they won’t have any trouble rubbing two sticks together to make a fire, maybe throw in a fire starter. In no time they’ll be cooking up some camp grub an and laughing around the campfire.

Carbon Fiber Flashlight

When your favorite adventurer is exploring outside after dark, they need to know how to navigate through the wild terrain. Some of the biggest hiking essentials are flashlights. However, no regular flashlight will do. Give your recipient a carbon fiber flashlight, which is indestructible no matter how often it’s handled and how many times it’s dropped on the ground. These flashlights give you hundreds of hours of operation and have scratchproof lenses.

When you see how much enjoyment your nature enthusiast is getting out of your gift, you might just become an outdoors lover as well. It all starts with a creative present this holiday season.

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