Gift Guide for the Working Mom


By Linnea Covington

It’s no secret that moms work hard for their families, and many spend time at a full-time job as well. Help that working mom in your life by picking out the perfect gift that speaks to her awesomeness. Treat her to some things she might not have time to buy for herself and that can make her day-to-day a little bit easier.


Gifting your working mom an exercise tracker is one great and easy way to help her stay in shape and keep healthy. These all-encompassing devices connect wirelessly and keep tabs on how much sleep she manages, the number of steps she takes, and how many calories get burned in a day. The best part is that an exercise tracker can wake her up in the morning without disturbing those sleeping around her. Another way to keep mom in good health is to give her a way to take a moment to herself. With that in mind, what better way to slip into quiet oblivion than by blocking out the world with noise-canceling headphones to listen to all her tunes on that commute each morning.

Rest and Relaxation

What better way to say “relax” than by offering the working mom in your life a night out or break from her normal home tasks? Book a housekeeper on your local LivingSocial page to come in so she can put her feet up, take a bath, and maybe read a book while someone else vacuums, cleans the kitchen, and tends to the plants. You can also give her a hassle-free date night by reserving babysitting services, perhaps paired with a set of movie tickets to a flick she has been wanting to see. And if you have a dog that Mom usually walks, a week of canine care could be just the ticket. Throw in a session at the groomers, and both mom and your pet will be happy for it.

Easier Travel

Another great idea for the working mom comes in the form of a solid bag that looks sharp and proves big enough to hold a tablet, wallet, accessories, a small laptop, handkerchiefs, and possibly random toys and few snacks for bored or hungry kids. You can also delve into the functional fashion realm, say with a USB charger bracelet. Not only does gift like this spruce up an outfit, but it’s a chic way to bring your phone charger everywhere you go without needing to stuff an annoying wire into your purse or pocket.

Give your working mom the gift of a warm, lavender-scented soak with EO's French Lavender bubble bath from Rakuten.


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