Relieve Your Holiday Stress by Pampering Yourself


By Reannon Muth

The holiday season can can be stressful with all of the shopping, parties, and preperation. So once you’ve finished shopping for everyone else, why not focus on pampering yourself with some of these great ideas for a little luxury at home. LivingSocial has great ideas for everyone including you, and the best part is that you can now save $5 off purchases of $30 or more. Just check out using MasterPass and enter promo code MASTERPASS5. But hurry, since this offer is only available through December 22nd. See full terms here.

Spa Day

Vacations provide a wonderful escape, but oftentimes, the most relaxing vacations are the ones where you don’t have to venture to far. No long waits in airport security lines, no jet lag, no trip-planning stress—just a few days to relax, unwind, and reflect in the comfort of the familiar. That’s why a local spa day is the perfect excursion. Some days it can be tough to schedule in enough time for a shower, let alone a bubble bath. But a taking a day away from the pinging smartphones and nagging to-do lists can be like chocolate for the soul. Schedule a massage or soak in a hot tub, neck-deep warm water as you let the sound of cascading water wash away the stress until your toes have turned deliciously pruny. You’ll discover how much better everything seems when you’re totally relaxed.

Add Some Accessories

Sure, it’s great to get jewelry as a gift from someone who loves you. But there’s nothing quite like treating yourself and picking out the perfect bracelet, necklace, or ring that you fall in love with immediately. Adding a little something to your already beautiful self, can be the ultimate pampering pleasure. You’ll love the way the necklace you choose is just your color, or how your new ring catches the light.

Smell the Roses

While fresh flowers are a mainstay in any quality hotel or spa, they are often an overlooked indulgence at home. Filling your home with plants and flowers is a creative way to incorporate a touch of cheerful beauty and luxury at home during the dreary months of winter. You can put them in a vase on the table, or strew the petals around your room. Your house will look better and smell wonderful in no time.

Sleep Like an Egyptian

After a long day of relaxing, you deserve a wonderful night’s sleep. Fluffy feather pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets, and soft, airy down comforters are what make a stay in a hotel extra special. Sometimes transforming your home is as simple as upgrading your bedding. Look for the highest thread count you can find, and get extra fancy with something satiny. Counting sheep will quickly become a thing of the past, as you dream of future pampering to come.

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