Travel Apps to Make Your Holiday Flight Plans Seamless


By Christina Montoya Fiedler

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be stressful. Gone are the days of folding and unfolding big maps on the long family road trip to Grandma’s house. Luckily today, all you need to plan your trip (and all you need on the road) is your smartphone. These travel apps make hotel, flight plan, and other arrangements a snap through easy-to-use features and incentives.


Finding a truly good deal on your flight plan feels like winning the lotto. Finding a great app with deals will feel like winning the jackpot over and over again. CheapOair is helps you win the big prize, because you’ll likely have more money in your pocket after you take advantage of all the great options, no matter your price range. The app makes it easy to save with discounts for military families and last-minute flights. Discounted fares are updated daily, so if you can’t find anything today, check back tomorrow and you might score.


Sometimes it makes sense to stay with family during the holidays…but other times you just need a little space. When it comes to the latter, you need a great to find a hotel in the area (especially when it’s a very last minute decision). With Orbitz, you can search over 100,000 hotels in your destination area. Whether you want a room with a view, one with a pull-out bed, or something close to the airport (for a quick escape!), you can search for specific amenities to suit your needs. They are even offering great deals when you check out with MasterPass like $50 off a $100+ booking (available at time of publishing).


Travel apps that find you deals are great, but travel apps that organize, help keep your vacation stress-free. When you’re taking the whole family on a big trip (or even a small trip), it can be difficult to keep up with all of those pesky travel confirmations. You’re booking hotels, flights, and car rentals, and TripIt helps you keep everything in one place. You can even create custom itineraries for every member of your family, in case you’re coordinating with people in different places.

Open Mobile

You’re going to want to stay connected while you’re traveling. Sending emails to family and posting fun pics to social media are just as important as actually experiencing things. Open Mobile helps you stay on the grid by directing you to the closest free WiFi source. Free is always a welcomed price for any traveler. You’ll pay less money to your wireless bill, so you can spend more on souvenirs.


There’s nothing worse than running low on gas on a long car trip. And if you’re traveling in a rental car, you know you need to return it with a full tank of. GasBuddy points you in the direction of the lowest priced gas station in your vicinity. Now, no matter where you are on the road, you’ll be able to find a fill-up that stays on your budget, without veering too far off your path. After all, everyone knows that a family road trip is about making good time!

The early bird doesn't always get the worm. CheapOAir has great deals on last minute flights.


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