The Ultimate Bookworm Gift Guide


By Reannon Muth

Finding the perfect gift for a bookworm is often a challenge. Book lovers, like wine connoisseurs, have particular tastes, and those tastes can be, well, tough to read. Every bookaholic has their preferred genre, and mistakenly assuming historical fiction and science fiction are “close enough” is akin to confusing a sauvignon blanc with a moscato. Miscalculate, and that “perfect gift” just may wind up becoming the perfect makeshift doorstop. Take a page out of this gift guide—skip the new book releases and choose one of these book-themed bestsellers instead.

Bookshelf Wallpaper

Many a bookworm dreams of having an in-home library—the kind with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, sliding ladders, and plush, snuggle-ready reading chairs. Though Antique Book Wallpaper cannot begin to compare to the Beauty and the Beast library of their fantasies, a life-like bookshelf mural can go far in transforming an ordinary room into a dark and cozy reading nook.

A Pride and Prejudice Phone Charger

A book lover is never far from their books. Indeed, you’ll know you have a bookworm in your midst if you spot the endless “to be read” pile of paperbacks stacked on their bedside table. You can add a page of practicality to that bedroom clutter with a Jane Austen novel that doubles as a phone charger. Bookworms will appreciate the Pride and Prejudice iPhone Dock, as the appearance of a literary classic on the nightstand can detract from the vampire trilogies and 50 shades of romance novels piled nearby.

Card Catalog

If the bookworm in your life is the type of person who appreciates the simple joys of an alphabetized bookshelf and the heady aroma of the musty pages of an old hardback, then a vintage card catalog may be right up their book nerd alley. Card Catalog stationery featuring childhood classics like Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women or Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is a unique and nostalgic choice. Each of the 30 cards are replicas of the ones preserved in the Library of Congress—ink stains, fingerprints, and all. Bibliophiles will love nerding out over the hand-written descriptions and old-fashioned typewriter fonts.

Unique Bookworm Bookends

Every book addict lives for those days when they can squeeze in several hours of uninterrupted, guilt-free reading time—those days when they can turn off their phone, ignore the chore lists, and throw themselves unabashedly into the latest new book releases. Unfortunately, for most vivacious readers, those days don’t come often enough. That is why the adorable Library Scholar bookends, two seven-inch-tall figurines permanently frozen in every bookworm’s favorite pastime, make the perfect reading companions. After a long day at work, they serve as a reminder of the book-and-flashlight-under-the-blanket bliss that lies ahead.

Any bookworm will love these cool Card Catalog Notecards from Rakuten.


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