Find Travel Destinations for Last-Minute December Holidays


By Holland Baker

Are you feeling spontaneous? With the cold weather approaching, now is the perfect time to book a last-minute getaway. From a tropical escape to a trip to the mountains, the world is your oyster as you choose from all the perfect travel destinations before you. The December holidays are around the corner, and now is the time to book that trip with a few easy steps.

Step 1: Find a Flight

Before you can go anywhere you have to book your flight, but for a spontaneous trip you may not find the ideal far. That’s why it’s best to not decide on a destination right away. After all, isn’t that what spontaneity is all about? Check out the last-minute flight deals and choose the spot that both fits your budget and your sense of adventure. Whether you’re heading to Italy or Colorado, the Caribbean or the Alps, when you bag a deal on your fare, you’ll have more to spend once you get to your travel destinations!

Step 2: Book Your Hotel

Once you’ve decided on your destination the next step is finding a place to stay. Where you stay sets the tone for your trip, and so choose carefully. Are you looking for luxury, authenticity, or a unique space? Or maybe you’re seeking some combination of the three. No matter what you choose, the ability to find the perfect space for the right price is always right at your fingertips. Search by neighborhood, or even by your favorite brand, you’re sure to love where you’re staying.

Step 3: Plan Your Wardrobe

After all the big details are figured out, you can start to pack! And because December holidays typically involve gifts, why not treat yourself (and your travel companions) to a new vacation wardrobe? You definitely deserve it. With the holidays come sales, so there’s no need to pay full price for your new clothes. (And when you save, it means more presents for you.) No matter what the climate is in your travel destinations, you’ll want to pack some quality light layers, and you can’t go wrong with a soft, white tee that’s comfortable and travels well. You’ll have that breezy vacation look from the moment you touch down.

Step 4: Find Great Activities

Once you arrive at your holiday destination, any number of activities will be waiting for you. When you’re making plans quickly, the amount of choices can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why the local LivingSocial can help with a coupon for that special cafe you’ve been looking for, or to find a tour for your first time in the destination.

Plan your next trip with all of Living Socials travel and booking options.


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