Techie Travel Essentials for Staying Connected on the Road


By Jae Curtis

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, being stuck without your smartphone or tablet can mean disrupted navigation and long, boring delays. A dead battery or limited access to your device’s capabilities can make it hard to plan for contingencies or pass the time, no matter how you get there. Stock up on travel essentials that can keep you in touch and make the most of your wireless connection, and you won’t have to worry about delays or unplanned stops along your way. Here’s some of the best travel tech to tuck into your bag before your trip.


Don’t get stuck with a dead battery and no way to stay connected! Long flights, travel delays, and limited outlets can make for a tricky journey, so make sure that you always tuck one or two fully charged portable battery packs into your backpack, purse, or briefcase before you head out. Small but mighty, they can give your devices anywhere from three to six extra hours of life with just one charge, so it’s worth it to keep a couple on hand. Portable battery packs also make great gifts for the traveling techies in your life.


Working on the railroad? Make sure that you pack a Bluetooth keyboard as one of your travel essentials. You won’t need a wireless connection, as a Bluetooth-enabled device is all you need to conveniently connect to a wireless keyboard. Choosing a combination wireless keyboard and portfolio can also help keep your device damage-free, which can definitely be a concern when traveling. It’s the perfect compromise if you need to answer emails or just surf the Web while you travel.


Keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road is easier said than done when you have a bevy of devices to monitor. You definitely don’t want to be constantly checking your phone, so a phone notification device works to allow you stay in the loop while keeping your hands on the wheel. A smartwatch makes for a chic way to keep track of calls and notifications until you can pull over and safely communicate with your friends and family, and guide your journey with the GPS functionality. Put your phone in the glove box, and your watch will buzz when you receive a message, but won’t distract you from the road.

Stay connected no matter where you travel—just make sure you do it safely. Whether you have a wireless connection on your plane or you’re traveling on a train, your travel essentials should include everything you need to update family, stay entertained, and stay safe until you reach your destination.

The Garmin vivoactive smartwatch from Crutchfield helps you stay connected while on the road.


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