The Ultimate Grandparents Gift Guide


By Rachel Moran

Grandparents have made the holidays bright for at least two generations. They’ve handed out warm hugs and oven-fresh cookies. They definitely know something about trimming a tree or lighting a menorah. Now that they’re in their golden years, it’s time to return the love. This ultimate gift guide is just what you need to shower them with plush presents. Let Grandma and Grandpa know just how much you appreciate the lifetime of wonderful memories with gifts that are perfect for sweet souls.

Travel Time

Many grandparents are real globe-trotters. After decades of caring for your parents and being there while they raised you, it’s only natural they might want to take time for themselves now. A gift of beautiful luggage tells them that you’re happy to hold down the home front for them while they see the world. Classic luggage styles with modern ergonomic features are perfect for older travelers.

Well-Earned Pampering

Retirement is about relaxation. While Nana and PopPop might be into more activities than ever, they still like to kick their feet up and chat, laugh, read, or nap. Plus, no gift guide is complete without a soft something or two. Choose soft terry bathrobes that are wonderful in front of a holiday fireplace or snuggled up on the couch any time of year. You can pick colors and styles that suit their individual tastes for a personal touch, too.

The Love of Nature

With all the time in the world to muse and observe, gifts that let your grandma get close to nature can pass hours enjoyably. Let her stay cozy inside and still see the majesty of the outdoors with a gift like a birdhouse – and what’s better than a “his and hers” take on this classic? Pair it with books about bird-watching, or maybe suggest she wear her new robe while she learns all the birds in her neighborhood. Interests you can discuss together keep the love flowing.

Never Too Old for Jokes

Grandpas have the best jokes, and so find a present that will tickle his funny bone. Stuff his stocking with sassy gifts like sweaters with funny or risque jokes. You know that old cliche about seniors finally saying what’s on their minds? Your grandfather has probably earned that right by now. Let him have a laugh or two when he sees the youngsters’ eyes widen in surprise.

Year-Long Gifts

The love between you and your grandparents is year-round, so why not go all out on a series of gifts that arrive all year? Lots of monthly clubs have options to send upscale gifts to loved ones for the next three, six or 12 months. Some people send candy or alcohol, but flowers can be a simple, uplifting gesture they look forward to every month. Unusual selections like orchids or other rare buds let them know you think they’re precious, too. Now, any time they catch a glimpse of your thoughtful gifts, it’s sure to brighten your grandparents’ lives until the next time you can be there.

Give a gift of nature with this His and Hers Wooden Birdhouse:


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