Health Tech Trends: Heart Rate Training & More


By Jessica D Festa

The holidays are all about family, food, festivities…and stress over staying healthy and in shape. Luckily, the latest tech trends keep sticking with workout plans, heart rate training, and eating right, but it’s important to have the right products. The following are a few of the gadgets that will improve your exercise and help you stay fit.

Tory Burch Fitbit-Case Bracelets
One of the hottest fitness items on the market is Fitbit, a performance tracking bracelet with a matching app that helps you eat better, stick to workout plans, and live a more active lifestyle overall. It senses your movement, and calculates activity intensity and calories burned (so you can accurately estimate if you’ve burned off that egg nog), as well as sleep quality and food consumed. Add in some holiday style (nobody will even know you’re trying to lose weight) with Tory Burch, who offers a sleek bracelet that turns your sporty tracker into a glam accessory, with double wrap-around leather straps and a choice of yellow or rose gold or stainless steel plating.

20 Speed Vibratone Whole Body Vibration Machine
Imagine if losing weight and sticking to a workout plan were as easy as stepping onto a vibrating plate and shaking it off (along with your body image stress)? One of the year’s big trends is vibration exercise (VbX), which is believed to increase flexibility and strength, improve circulation, and raise metabolism by stimulating muscles. With this machine in particular, you’ll have 20 speeds to choose from, allowing you to start slow and get used to the new sensations as you get your blood pumping and delve into your heart rate training. As a bonus, there’s no need to worry about getting cramps jogging after a heavy holiday meal.

GoFit Touch Fitness Wristband
It can be difficult to stick to workout plans or start heart rate training without a proper tracker, which is where this handy device comes in. The GoFit Touch Fitness Wristband is a performance tracker and smartwatch in one, meaning this handy device can track your steps, calories burned, distance moved, and sleep patterns—while delivering your emails, texts, calendar updates, and calls. If you’re an app person, the wristband can be synced with platforms like Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal to help you realize your goals.

Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale
Some say age isn’t anything but a number, and in many ways weight is, too. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, so those three digits don’t accurately give the whole picture. Stand on the digital body fat scale (no turn-on or tapping required) to get more insight into your health—like body fat, body water, and muscle and bone mass—and see if your workout plan is, well, working.

Stay healthy and in-shape this holiday by getting your hands on one of a Tory Burch Fitbit Case Bracelet from Neiman Marcus.


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