4 Finance Apps to Help You Keep Your Resolutions


By Jae Curtis

A new year usually means new resolve to lose weight, live better, and finally gain control of your finance situation. And, if you have big plans for 2016—think buying a house or having a baby (and all of the stuff you need to buy for both)—you might need more than resolve to help you stick to a savvy financial plan. Luckily, your smartphone can give you everything you need to help you keep your resolutions. No matter what your goals are for the new year, these four insider apps can help you easily stay on track.

Resolution #1: Organize Your Accounts

If your goal revolves around having better control over your money, go for an all-in-one app like Mint. Mint has been an insider secret for a few years. It assembles all of your bank accounts into one simple-to-read dashboard, where you can immediately see how much cash you have in the bank. You can also set up budget goals, and Mint will alert you when you’re getting close to reaching your limits.

Resolution #2: Start Investing

Investing can definitely be a little intimidating. If you want to dip a toe in the water, however, try downloading Acorns. Once you connect your bank accounts, Acorns rounds up the cost of any purchases you make on your debit or credit card, and then makes micro-investments with that money based on your financial goals and personal portfolio.

Resolution #3: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Thinking about taking a vacation or buying that pair of designer shoes in 2016? Work towards a specific goal with Qapital. Not only is Qapital an all-in-one finance app, but it allows you to set specific goals, and then coaches you on how to best alter your spending to achieve those goals. Skip your daily latte and watch as you’re on your way to that big-screen TV you’ve always wanted.

Resolution #4: Keep Track of Your Receipts

Receipts can have a way of taking over your countertops, purses, and car. If you need to track your spending for work or personal purposes, use Wally. Simply snap a picture of your receipt, and Wally categorizes and tracks spending accordingly, all while retaining a copy of that receipt for future records. You can then use that information to better track and organize spending from your bank accounts.

Insider secrets no more: Finance apps can help you with all of your 2016 goals, whether they revolve around getting your finances in order or simply tracking spending more efficiently. Stay on top of your accounts with your smartphone, and you’ll be better equipped to tackle and complete your resolutions once and for all.

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