Packing Light Yet Stylish for Business Travel


By Eric J. Bruno

Most business travelers prefer packing light and bring only a carry-on. So how do you bring the essentials without skimping on style? Here’s a list of choices for the business elite who want to put their best foot forward, to minimize packing, but also travel in style.

Be Wrinkle Free

The most obvious choice of clothing for the carry-on champion is something that’s wrinkle free. For some reason, many people associate this with only men’s clothing, but there are plenty of choices for women as well. In fact, you can find entire matching wrinkle-free outfits, including a jacket, a matching blouse or tank top, and formal pants or a skirt. With mix-and-match patterns and varying styles (for example, boot cut or ankle-length pants), you’ll keep your look fresh for a multiday trip without packing your entire closet.

Cover Up in Style

When it comes to packing light, colder weather can be your friend! Many people already prefer to wear an easy-to-remove sweater on an airplane or in a car in case the temperature fluctuates—but this can prove a doubly useful garment. It’s usually acceptable to wear a nice sweater over a dressy shirt, even for men (with a tie). This way, you can throw a business shirt in your carry-on and not have to worry about looking wrinkled since the sweater will mostly cover it. The trick is finding something versatile, such as mid-weight cardigan in a neutral shade that you can wear with everything.

Embrace Higher-Quality Material

Sometimes it’s just easier to embrace being wrinkled than to fight it. But how do you pull this off without looking sloppy? Choose the right apparel and look, such as a wrinkled leather fitted jacket. Other choices hide wrinkles well, such as garments made of wool, which is often more comfortable than other materials since it both insulates and breathes well. Building your wardrobe around wrinkle-resistant materials keeps your best foot forward while packing light.

Trade the Suitcase for a Bag

And what about the suitcase itself? Ditch it for something more flexible. A stylish small duffel or weekender bag will hold up well, and you won’t spend a fortune on it. And since it’s canvas, you can throw it in the wash to keep it looking new, (which you’ll probably want to do after it’s been in and out of questionably clean overhead compartments your whole trip).

A wrinkle-free jacket from Neiman Marcus travels perfectly.


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