Hot Pet Accessories Beyond the Pet Store


By Rachel Moran

Fluffy and Toto deserve the best. When it’s time to get new pet accessories for your cat or dog, it’s easy to go to the pet store—but the love you feel for your fuzzballs is worth a deeper search for more luxurious stuff that keeps them happy all the time. Yup, even during grooming. Check out these fun pet accessories that are bound to spoil your best friend. Perfect for your favorite furball, they make great gifts that your friends won’t always find at a pet store.


All creatures love a cozy spot to snooze. Extra padding, gel cushioning, soft materials, and raised borders that tuck pets in help your furry charges feel as snuggly as possible. Elevated beds protect joints for a long, healthy life, too. Go for deeper beds with elegant silhouettes that look like miniature versions of your own luxurious furniture. Who ever said pet accessories had to be eyesores?

Jungle Gyms

A dog might love a ball in the park, but your feline friend is completely capable of playing alone. No pampered cat should be without an amazing cat tree or jungle gym. These in-home pet playgrounds are usually made from a mix of velvety materials and sisal rope and feature lots of places to scratch, climb, or hide. Ladders, hammocks, and nap spots add up to tons of crazy cat fun to these entertaining pet accessories.


Most pets don’t love grooming. It’s hard to believe, since there’s no shortage of interest in back rubs or ear scratches, but introduce a hose—or better yet, a blow dryer—and it can be full-on pet mutiny. Make grooming easy on you and your four-legged pal with the hottest technology in pet accessories. A luxury ionic brush eliminates water and shampoo by circulating ions through fur to remove odors, disperse oils, and clean out dust and dirt.


Of course, pets usually get dirty because they’re having so much fun. A walk can be the highlight of a dog’s day, but only if you’ve got the obedience thing down pat. Try a comfortable yet effective harness to keep walks, hikes, and outdoor playtime safe and full of good times. Simple is best, so that you can actually use it without tangles. A minimalist design looks sleek with your dog’s collar and directs Fido without cutting into his or her fun—or skin.


So what was that idea about walks being the highlight of the day? You know that it might actually be feeding time. Ditch that plastic dish from the pet store and feed your pet like a king or queen with a raised food dish. Not only is it easier for you to clean, it’s easier on your dog or cat’s spine. Slick designs add a cool, modern touch to your home, too. Chances are the next stop after a satisfying ergonomic feeder is that big, cozy sofa bed. What a life!

Let your pet lounge in comfort with the Library Sofa from Wayfair.


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