How to Jet Set with Style, Fashion, and Fun


By Eric J. Bruno

Whether you jet set overnight or for a week or more, fashionable luggage, handbags, and carry-on size duffels help you look sharp checking in anywhere. Carry-on size is perfect with these trendy yet classic pieces of luggage for any amount of traveling. First impressions go a long way, and your bag may be the thing people notice when you walk onto an airplane, through a hotel lobby, or into a conference room. Have fun with your carry-on while also being practical with a few simple rules.

Be Loud! Be Bold!

Plain-old black is boring! Liven things up with a duffel bag in your favorite Technicolor shade, or even a loud pattern. Have fun watching people’s reactions as you walk by and put your lively luggage up into the overhead. Or, if for some reason you have to gate-check your bag, you know you will have no trouble identifying it as it comes down the conveyor belt.

Break the Rules

Who says your carry-on has to look luggage? Even if you don’t like to be too loud while you jet set, you can still make a statement. Break all the rules as you jet set with an easy-to-carry oversize leather bucket bag, which should offer more than enough space to hold what you need for an enjoyable overnight trip. Show that you’re a serious traveler by reducing multiple bags to one carry-on size to hold more with less. And nothing looks smarter as you make your breezy and stylish way to through the airport.

The Look of Adventure

You can travel light and still be the center of fashion and excitement. Even if it’s just a business trip, make people think you’re heading for fun and adventure with a military-inspired hanging travel kit that’s covered in camouflage or some other print that invokes the outdoors. Continuing that adventure theme, why carry a bag by a handle? Enjoy the hands-free convenience of an oversize fanny pack or a fisherman-inspired sling bag you can throw over your shoulder. This bag will make you look like an explorer and a road warrior, while neatly packaging all the small things you need in its many pockets—bonus points if it’s waterproof.

Coordinate to Impress

Even if you’re always in a hurry, have fun fooling everyone by conveying a look of organization and style. Coordinating the look of your luggage with your clothing is not only fun, it tells people you know how to travel. Choosing a bag made of a material you often wear, like tweed, and accessorizing your own personal look with a matching scarf or vest will help you stand out in a crowd. Your colleagues, clients, and your boss—and even strangers—will notice you while you make business travel more stylish and enjoyable.

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