Air Hockey to Slots: The Coolest Additions to Your Game Room


By Tiffany Smith

Avoid cabin fever this winter by making your game room the place to be. You can have all the latest tech gadgets, but you need to think beyond the obvious to create the ultimate gaming destination. By adding cool touches like an air hockey table and a slot machine, your room can be the gathering place for family and friends. Your new problem will be (politely) kicking them all out so you can rule the room!

Go Multi-Use

Rec rooms vary in size, and you often have to be creative with space. Look for furniture, gadgets, and accessories that serve multiple purposes. For example, instead of just buying an air hockey table, try a 3 in 1 game table that combines air hockey, pool, and table tennis for triple the fun.

Get the Right Games

Game rooms are changing. They used to be all about dartboards and pool tables. Nowadays, video games are just as important. Whether you use a PlayStation, an Xbox, or a Wii (or all three!), make sure you have the latest generation in tech. Looking to take your games on the go? Purchasing a sleek Bluetooth controller elevates your smartphone gaming to the next level, thanks to the greater functionality and portablity it affords. Candy Crush will never be the same again!

Add Accessories

Want to make your video game setup even cooler? There are tons of different add-ons that will impress your friends and provide hours of fun. Get a projector and screen that connect to your system for a giant view. If you enjoy online multiplayer games, grab a gaming headset. You’ll be able to play with your friends, even when they can’t come over. Hardcore gamers will appreciate a gaming chair that provides support and comfort when they’re playing for an extended period.

Create a Casino

Another popular section of any game room is the casino. Indulge a poker lover with a casino table or a folding tabletop that can go on any surface. Stock up on cards, dice, and personalized chips. Add your very own slot machine for the full Vegas experience—it doubles as fun decor!

Stock Snacks

People often hang out in game rooms for a while, so set up your own concession stand. Add a fridge for drinks and designate spots to store and set out snacks. For something really eye-catching, wheel in a vintage popcorn machine. It won’t be long until everyone realizes how cool the space is. But, after all, what’s a game room without family and friends to share it with?

Ping pong, pool, and air hockey? Check! Enjoy playing all three with the Pockey Game Table from Rakuten.


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