Unique Anniversary Gifts by Year: Ideas to Buck Tradition


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Each successful year of marriage is a milestone for a couple. Thus, partners exchange gifts to show their love and appreciation for one another. Everyone is aware of the traditional anniversary gifts by year. The first is paper, the second is cotton, the 25th is silver, and so on. However, you don’t want to go the regular route—you want to surprise your partner with a quirky gift. Here are just a few ideas to buck tradition and find that gift that you both will love.

First Year: Paper

A book is likely to come in a lot handier than a paper crane, and you know what they say: A couple who cooks together stays together. Well, that might not be the exact phrase, but you get the idea. Twenty Dinners: And Everything in Between is chock-full of mouth-watering recipes that you and your spouse can enjoy making cooperatively. Gifting them this book provides you both the opportunity to hone your culinary skills, and can help spice up the meals that you share together.

Second Year: Cotton

Want to keep cozy as it gets colder outside? Try snuggling up with your partner in a pair of cozy adult footie pajamas. These comfortable, jersey-knit PJs feature no-slip soles and are 100% cotton, making for a creative two-year anniversary gift. Whether you’re heading to bed or watching TV together, these pajamas are optimized for comfort, warmth, and love.

Fourth Year: Flowers

For a modern twist on the four-year anniversary present, which is traditionally flowers, many people are choosing innovative alternatives like live fruit trees. In addition to the beauty a tree will bring to your garden, it will regularly provide your family with delicious, healthy fruits. Whereas fresh-cut flowers may only last for a few days before wilting, cultivating a live fruit tree is an activity you and your spouse can enjoy together for years to come.

Fifth Year: Wood

The five-year anniversary is all about wood. You’re likely too old for a rocking horse and too young for a rocking chair, so a game you can play together should be just your speed. This NFL Football Cornhole Set lets you show your love for your favorite team and can help uphold justice in your house. Having a disagreement about who’ll do the dishes? Challenge your loved one to a game—the winner gets off the hook for that chore.

Fifteenth Year: Crystal

Some of the anniversary gifts by year are a bit outmoded. For example, the traditional gift for the 15th year is crystal. Nowadays, spouses are buying one another presents made of glass. If you and your partner want to have a laugh with your wine, get a pair of His & Hers Wine Glasses. These stylish glasses are humorously labeled, so you and your partner will always be able to keep track of your respective wine. Here’s to both of you!

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