Groundhog Day: How to Cope If Phil Sees His Shadow or Not


By Linnea Covington

Each year on Groundhog Day, people all around the country tune in to find out whether or not the little creature will see his shadow. Will it be six more weeks of winter, or is spring on the horizon? If you’re faced with more snow and cold temperatures before season’s end, you don’t have to go into hiding like Punxsutawney Phil—beat the cold-weather blues and keep your spirits up with winter cocktails, warm accessories, and good friends

Lift Your Spirits

Literally elevate your spirits this Groundhog Day by making some superb winter cocktails. For starters, put red wine, a little apple cider, and some pie spices in a pot and slowly simmer for a tasty drink that will heat you from the inside out—as well as keep your fingers warm. You can also experiment with unique bitters, like Curry Cocktail Bitters, which you can use to make quirky reimaginings of classics like the Manhattan, old fashioned, or Singapore sling. Give these classic cocktails a twist, or create your own beverage entirely. You could also neglect the cold weather-themed drinks and get tropical. After all, what says “forget winter” better than a day of sipping fruity piña coladas or heady mai tais? For inspiration, look toward a juicy mixer, tap a vodka-saturated watermelon (with this neat gadget from KegWorks), or just wing it with some fresh pineapple and rum.

Stay Warm

Forget the weather outside and spend the evening curled up with your favorite movie or the newly-released season of that show you have been wanting to watch. All you need is a mug of hot cocoa, cozy layers, and in case your ears are cold (and you have a sleeping child nearby), these NoiseHush BT500 Bluetooth Earmuff Headphones. If you are busy on the computer, the Cartoon Character USB Heated Warm Mousepad should keep your fingers from getting frosty—no matter how Groundhog Day turns out.

Host Friends

Warm your heart by calling a group of friends to come over and serve a signature winter cocktail for the evening. Jolt your friends out of their snowy fog by pouring the drink from a fun shaker, or by adding unique ice cubes to their glasses. Once everyone has a beverage in hand, get the blood flowing with an energetic game. Whether that means a competitive round of cards, rolling dice for a board game, or partaking in an interactive role-playing game like An Evening of Murder Party Game: A Feast to Die For, there are plenty of ways to entertain without stepping outside.

Find a fun cocktail mixer from Rakuten to shake out the winter blues.


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