The Perfect Flower Arrangement for Each of Your Loved Ones


By Rachel Moran

Feel your heart beating a little faster? Valentine’s Day must be just around the corner. Take the pressure off of yourself this year and bring everyone in on the holiday fun. A flower arrangement is a great gift to give to your loved ones, colleagues, and friends—and with so many kinds of blooms and stalks to choose from, it’s a thoughtful one, too. Keep it simple this V-Day and let your love flow with the language of flowers. Plus, for a special Valentine’s treat, you can save 25% at 1800Flowers when you shop with MasterPass using promo code: MASTERPASS. Get Started.

For Your Sweetheart (or Crush)

The stand-by flower arrangement for sweethearts, a bouquet of long-stemmed roses, is utterly gorgeous. Tales abound of the secret meanings of different colors, but you’re keeping it simple and special this year, remember? Go for the classic red, but amp up the look by adding another color—like pink—for a wow factor that beams with love. The Enchanted Rose Medley arrangement is traditional and creative—you just totally nailed this.

For Your Mom

Your mother will always be the first love of your life. She deserves a special surprise this year, too, so send her the can’t-miss trifecta of beautiful blooms, scrumptious candy, and something cute and fluffy. The trick to making a flower arrangement for mom or any of your other loved ones (Grandma probably likes flowers, too!) is a sweet mix of blooms. The daisies, lilies, and other bouquet classics in the Valentine Surprise show just how much you care.

For Your Colleagues

You know you love your work buddies, too. Maybe a giant bundle of flowers isn’t totally appropriate for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to show camaraderie and care. Big green plants, or something that will add a little zen to a busy workplace, make great gifts for your colleagues . This Heart Shaped Bamboo will get lots of comments. Remember, it doesn’t have to be sappy to be thoughtful.

For Your BFF

What would you do without your best friend? Your friendship is tried and true, but the connection you two have is one of a kind. Get them something a little zany, but genuinely symbolic of your bond. Try a flower arrangement like the Hugs & Kisses Tulip & Iris Bouquet. The colors are perfect for friends—a little red for love and a pop of blue for the true-blue vibe you’ll always share. A surprise bouquet is bound to make your BFF feel the love this year, which is exactly what Valentine’s Day is about.

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