Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him


By Megan Koester

Whether you’ve been married to your husband for a month or a decade, coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him can be difficult. Looking for a present the love of your life will love? Whether he’d rather rock out to his favorite band, or get into the game with something from the MLB shop, there’s an item on this list to fit the bill—no matter how long it’s been since you said “’til death do us part.”


Almost every couple has a song they consider “theirs.” Buy your husband concert tickets to see the group that performs “your song”—it’s a deeply personal gift, based on your mutual interests that will help you connect as a couple. Whether it’s country, heavy metal, or hip-hop, the look you’ll exchange when you hear those first few notes will be priceless.

Together 5 Years

Five years in, and chances are he still only owns one suit—the one he married you in. Buy your husband a sharp, modern pair of dress pants and a Classic Grey Blazer. (After all, maybe it will inspire him to take you someplace fancy on your anniversary.) A well-tailored suit is proof that truly great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him are ones that benefit you both.

Together 10 Years

Have a sports nut on your hands? Get him an authentic MLB shop jersey featuring the logo of his favorite baseball team, and a subscription to watch all the season’s MLB action—including hundreds of spring training games—on his TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone. Just don’t be surprised if he starts spending a little more time on the couch!

Together 20 Years and Beyond

The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him involve a reminder of how your love is timeless. What’s more timeless than a classic, American-made Leather Strap Watch designed to last for generations? Giving your husband the gift of a future heirloom is a testament to your commitment to the marriage, and it’ll give your kids a wonderful story to tell their kids. It’s the gift that literally keeps on giving.

Give your sports nut husband the gift of baseball with a subscription to a season's worth of MLB games, which he can watch on his TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.


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