4 Great Gadget Gifts to Say “I Love You”


By Kylie Ora Lobell

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start looking for presents for your significant other. This year, instead of buying your partner the typical box of chocolates, get them something they will really enjoy. If your beloved is a techie, you’ll want to find them cutting-edge electronics and accessories that they’ll brag about to their fellow technophiles. Here are four of the coolest new gadget gifts out there.

Smartphone Projector

Slide your smartphone into this cute, retro DIY Mobile Phone Projector Portable Cinema/Cardboard Smartphone Projector and project movies onto the wall of your den or living room. You and your sweetheart can cuddle up on the couch in the comfort of your home and feel like you’re out at the movies. Whether it’s the same stupid Internet video you always seem to laugh at together, or that new rom-com you’ve been dying to see, just grab the popcorn and your phone and you’ll be ready to go.

Smart Coffee Maker

Want to surprise your loved one with a nice breakfast and a hot cup of coffee in the morning? That cuppa joe can be ready to go with a lifesaver like this Smart Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter and Aroma Enhancement. It connects to your phone via Wi-Fi, automatically brews at the time you set it for (or on demand at your whim), and sends you notifications when it’s time to fill the water or buy more beans.

Fitness Tracker

Do you and your partner go on morning runs or bike rides as a couple? If you don’t already, why not start? The prospect of exercising together may have been boring in the past, but not anymore, thanks to fitness-tracking gadget gifts like the Garmin vivofit® 2. You can set goals for one another, have health challenges, and get fit together in the New Year.

Digital Picture Frame

To reflect back on all of your wonderful times spent together and the adventures you’ve gone on, pick up an HP 7″ Digital Photo Frame for your partner. Fill it with pictures of travels you’ve taken as well as images of your date nights out on the town. You can display it proudly in your living room so that family, friends, and guests can get a glimpse of the fun activities you’ve experienced together.

Any techie would be excited about these gadget gifts. They are fun, functional, and encourage you and your partner to spend quality time together.

Buy your beloved techie an HP 7" Digital Photo Frame from Rakuten this Valentine's Day.


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