5 Jewelry Trends Your Partner Will Love


By Rachel Moran

You know when you’ve got a good thing going, and in a relationship, there are certain moments when your loved one deserves something precious. Jewelry trends last longer than fashion trends, so you can select gifts that let her know you see what’s in front of you—and have your eye on the future. Surprise her with white or yellow gold, diamonds, gemstones, and designs that let your unique love shine, and save some cash with this Blue Nile special with MasterPass: save $50 on purchases of $150 or more when you use MasterPass and enter promo code VDAYMC.

Earrings for a New Love

Your hearts are beating fast around each other, and you have a lot of love to show. Try these Leaf Heart Stud Earrings in 14k rose gold. The pinkish cast of these earrings comes from yellow gold and a touch of copper. Some say it mirrors the rosy glow of love. The popular leaf motif is the perfect gesture for freshly springing affection, too. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

Tried and True Necklaces

You’re ready to start buying her diamonds (maybe even that diamond soon). As far as jewelry trends go, you are always on point with a solitaire—a single, gorgeous diamond. If you’re looking for a little bit of modern flair, though, the Cushion Diamond Solitaire Pendant is set in classic prongs, but swings from a clean, high-impact cable chain. When your love is tried and true, the stone of all stones is the way to go.

Bracelets for a Rare Beauty

She’s the type that knows less is more—except when it isn’t. She’s grounded, but free to be herself and is always into you, too. Whether she’s a classic or rare beauty, or even a little offbeat, only something stunning will do. The Garnet Bezel Bracelet is quite eye-catching (just like her), and since the gemstones are set in sterling silver instead of yellow gold, she can wear it anywhere for a simple, chic look. Garnets are known as stones of faith and protection: the perfect present for your special someone.

Special Rings for Your Sweetheart

Sometimes, you just have to go super sweet. The Riviera Pavé Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring in 18k white gold is a beautiful token for your sweetheart. Jewelry trends started highlighting unusual stones a few years ago, but this pavé amps up the trend big time. Pink sapphire is believed to offer resilience to the wearer, too, so that no matter what life brings, you two can weather it together.

Precious Metals and Timeless Style

Maybe your girl isn’t always into diamonds and pearls, but she still has her own fresh, timeless style. Grace her neck with a Rope Chain Necklace in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver for a contemporary update to an old-school classic. She can keep it on with jeans and a tee, or let it glimmer above the neckline of a dress for a night on the town. She’s your go-anywhere girl, and she knows you know it.

If you’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, select your favorite pieces for your loved one at Blue Nile, and save $50 on purchases of $150 or more when you use MasterPass and enter promo code VDAYMC.

Surprise your sweetheart with this Riviera Pavé Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring from Blue Nile.


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