5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a New Relationship


By Reannon Muth

A new relationship is a lot like a delicate flower. Shower it with too much attention or neglect it too many days in a row, and you’ll be treated to a live show of its untimely demise. Add a bad Valentine’s present to the mix, and you run the risk of poisoning your budding relationship before it’s had a chance to flourish. Ensure your blossoming love story doesn’t wilt before Easter with these five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a new relationship.

Embrace Adventure

Valentine’s Day can provide a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of your new relationship, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by giving the gift of a memorable shared experience. There’s a reason why you fall fast and hard for people you meet on vacation. Experiences that provoke strong emotional reactions—like joy, excitement, or even fear—foster intimacy. While it may be too early in the relationship to book an African safari or Costa Rican jungle tour, you can evoke that same adrenaline rush of an exotic vacation closer to home by going rock climbing, snowboarding, or zip-lining—just search LivingSocial for some great deals.

Evoke Nostalgia

Relive fond memories of first dates in middle school and show off your playful side with the gift of a nostalgic experience. By taking your new guy or gal roller skating, or to see a live show of that one-hit-wonder band you both used to love in high school, you’ll be providing an opportunity to learn more about one anothers’ pasts. Doing the hokey pokey at a roller rink or singing along to your favorite old-school slow jam can present a natural segue into conversations about what you were like back when you wore neon windbreakers.

Remember: Less Is More

While it can be easy to give into the those lovey-dovey feelings and shower your wannabe love with an extravagant gift, you’d be wise to hold off. Save the diamond rings or high-def TVs for another year, as an extremely pricey gift early on in a relationship may backfire, causing your sweetie to think you’re coming on too strong too quick. When considering Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a new relationship, stick with mementos that are unique yet simple. Framing a small keepsake from an earlier date—like ticket stubs from the first movie you two saw together—is a tasteful way to commemorate your blossoming relationship.

Go High-Tech

While high-tech gifts are always a great choice, they can sometimes feel a little impersonal. Thus, the best gadget gifts are ones that combine technology with romance, like a USB mixtape flash drive of love songs, or the Fluorescent USB Message Board Clock & Pen, which lets you write cutesy love notes on the clock’s message board. It’s ideal for ensuring you’ll be on their mind around the clock—literally.

Get Personal

Ultimately, the best gifts are the ones that show you’ve put some time and thought into selecting them. Skip the generic flower bouquets and choose a personal gift that fits their interests. If your sweetheart is a beer connoisseur, get them the Fusion Craft Beer 4 Piece Tasting Set. If they’re a book worm, then surprise them with the Literary Lovers Infinity Scarf. The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a new relationship are ones that show you care.

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