Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her: Bags, Massages, and More


By Megan Koester

Regardless of how long you’ve been with your lady, coming up with good Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her can be hard. Whether you’ve just tied the knot, or your 20-year anniversary is coming around the bend, show how much you love her by giving the perfect V-Day gift, be it a designer handbag, a decadent afternoon of pampering at a beauty spa, or a bouquet of exotic flowers.


You’re definitely not an expert on Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her yet—it is, after all, the first one you’re spending together as a married couple. You’ll get the hang of it eventually, but in the meantime, buy her the York Small Saffiano Leather Tote Bag by Tory Burch. It’s an investment piece that shows how invested you are in the relationship, with classic styling built to withstand the test of time. Regardless of her personal style, its clean lines and versatile beige color goes with any outfit, and any situation, she’ll carry it with. Best of all, she’ll always have a reminder of your love on her arm.

Together 5 Years

The stressors of the day can get to any modern gal. Get her a voucher for a day of facials, massages and manicures at a local beauty spa from LivingSocial that she can use on her own terms and her own schedule. Not only will she get the pampering she richly deserves, you’ll save a little dough in the process—which you can then use to take her out for a nice meal, perhaps?

Together 10 Years

Ten years down the road, you might be struggling to think of new, interesting Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. For inspiration, just look down at the dazzler on her ring finger. She’s been your rock for a decade—why not get her another rock of her own? Go to Blue Nile’s website, and treat her to a beautiful diamond pendant you design yourself. It’s a thoughtful, distinctive instant heirloom.

Together 20 Years and Beyond

You’ve been together, through thick and thin, for decades. At this point, a box of chocolate isn’t going to cut it gift-wise. Get her a present as unique and beautiful as she is—an elegantly displayed, luxurious bouquet of exotic orchids and blooms of pink ginger from FTD. The sight and smell of it will transport her to paradise.

A bouquet of exotic, luxurious orchids from FTD is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the woman you've chosen to share your life with. Show her how much you care by having some delivered on Valentine's Day.


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