Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Parents


By Reannon Muth

Although it would seem as though everyone from kindergartners to coworkers receive Valentine’s Day gifts these days, there are two people the Patron Saint of Love often overlooks: dear ‘ol Mom and Dad. While sending flowers to your parents on February 14 may seem unnecessary—you aren’t in elementary school anymore, after all—there are perhaps few people in your life more deserving of a token of appreciation than the two who loved you first. Show them you care with items from this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for parents.

What to Give Mom

Your mom loved you when you were a tiny, demanding, smelly human in a diaper, and—let’s face it—not particularly lovable. She later cheered you on through school plays and presentations, and stood by you through failed tests, jobs, and relationships. A great way to show you haven’t forgotten all those selfless mom moments is with a personalized photo blanket. This one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift will transform your favorite photo into a snugly blanket of cherished memories. Though it’s not hand-made from paste and popsicle sticks, like all the best gift ideas for parents, it’s both thoughtful and unique—which your mom is sure to love.

What to Give Dad

Who says dads can’t appreciate a nice spa treatment or bath product? This Valentine’s Day, let dad be the one who gets pampered for a change. Get him some high-end After-Shave Balm from Nuxe that he’ll appreciate, or go against the stereotype and give your father flowers and an afternoon of relaxing massages. While he’ll likely never admit it, your pops might secretly appreciate an excuse to relish in the luxuries usually only reserved for his other half.

What to Give Both Mom and Dad

Gift ideas for parents can be hard to come by because, as they’re never hesitant to tell you, they “already have everything they need.” You can get around this by skipping the necessities and giving them something purely luxurious instead. Treat them to the latest high-tech grill, or a gorgeous new set of fine china, like this whimsical Tracy Porter for Poetic Wanderlust set. Though they may protest, declaring “You shouldn’t have!” they’ll enjoy showing off their fancy dinnerware at the next party or family dinner. Plus, it might encourage your parents to cook for you next time you visit, which will be like icing on your favorite home-cooked cake.

Give the gift of cherished memories with a personalized photo blanket from Rakuten.


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