4 Romantic Date Ideas to Rekindle Your Relationship’s Flame


By Kylie Ora Lobell

The holidays are over. While they are exciting and fun, they can also be stressful. Hosting family and friends and not having alone time with your significant other can take its toll. Now that life is back to normal, it’s time to come up with some romantic date ideas for a special evening with your loved one. Here are four great ways to enjoy each other’s company, and useful shortcuts that can help you and your partner plan a wonderful night together.

See a Show

“Dinner and a show” is a classic for a reason. You get to get all dressed up, eat in a fancy restaurant, go see a classic musical, and stroll home singing, arm-in-arm. If the line around the corner to get into your all-time favorite show is what’s been keeping you away from the theater, fret not—Broadway.com has your tickets! Go to their site, find your show, click on your date night, pick your seats, and just wait for the tickets to arrive in your mailbox. You’ll get to your fabulous seats right on time, so you won’t have to awkwardly climb over anyone.

Take a Cooking Class for Two

Why have a regular old meal at home when you can go learn how to cook with a professional? Check your local page on LivingSocial and try a date night that involves a cooking class for two in your town. This is one of the best romantic date ideas because after you’re done making your dishes and cleaning up, you’ll still be enjoying an intimate dinner for two. (It’s a two-for-one kind of date.)

Get a Couples’ Massage

February might be the coldest month of the year depending on where you live, so you may not want to leave the house. Instead, save your gas money, stay at home, and indulge in some R&R with an in-house couples’ massage. Since making appointments and waiting around for a masseuse can get stressful, look for shortcuts that enable you and your beloved to enjoy a massage at a moment’s notice. The restorative powers of the heated 10 Motor Massage Plush Mat make messy ointments and oils obsolete, so this a great option for at-home relaxation. A couples’ massage will help you and your significant other feel more at ease and ready to conquer life’s challenges together in 2016.

Create Custom Pieces of Jewelry

If your sweetie needs a new watch and has very particular taste, don’t spend hours in a department store searching for the perfect one. Get creative with romantic date ideas and make a night out of designing their watch. On the Neiman Marcus website, you can customize a Michele watch from the comfort of your own couch. Create the perfect timepiece together, present the finished product over a gourmet dinner for two, and maybe they’ll never be late for a date again. (Maybe.)

Enjoy a special date night at your favorite show, thanks to Broadway.com.


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