How to Celebrate Award Shows Like You’re Winning Something


By Megan Koester

Watching award shows alone is no fun—it’s much more enjoyable to observe the proceedings with good friends, the more the merrier! If you’re looking for an excuse to host a viewing party, look no further than the Grammys. Transform your home into the ultimate Grammy party stage with some help from this list of tips. Don’t just watch the Grammys . . . become a star yourself!

Get the Party Started with a Karaoke Machine

There are karaoke machines, and then there’s the Singtrix Party Bundle. This remarkably small, high-tech powerhouse connects to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to sing along with online karaoke videos and, via its Sound Voice feature, any tune in your music library. Sound Voice lowers any song’s vocals, so you can sing over it. It also has pitch correction, which means that no matter how off-key you actually are, your performance will rival the ones on the award shows.

Take It to the Next Level with Party Favors

Give your guests something to remember the evening—and all the fun you had belting out your favorite karaoke songs—with the gift of a colorful inflatable microphone. It’s a simple, festive party favor that’ll give them the opportunity to rock out in front of the mirror whenever they want.

Offer a Spread of Scrumptious Snacks

If you’re going to invite people over to your place to watch award shows, you’d better provide them with some award-winning snacks. Don’t worry: you won’t have to make them yourself. You can get satisfying sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and sweets catered with just the click of a mouse. From samosas to brioche sandwiches, FreshDirect has something to please everyone.

Don’t Forget to Add Fun Decorations

So you have a sweet spread of snacks all laid out on your dining room table, ready for your guests to devour . . . but it still feels like something’s missing. Ah, that’s it—you need decorations to tie everything together! The 3 Piece Music Note Sculpture Set by Uttermost will fit the bill, adding an elegant, stylish look to the festivities. Best of all, you can keep the sculptures up year-round—their neutral, rustic charm will go with any decor.

Make Everyone Feel Like They’re in the Front Row

Nothing’s better than listening to your favorite artists in amazing surround sound. Make sure your living room’s well-equipped for the viewing party with the killer Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Blu-ray home theater system—five strategically placed theater speakers, along with a bass-pumping subwoofer, will immerse you and your guests in the action. You won’t just watch the Grammys, you’ll feel like you’re at the Grammys.

Get into the Grammys action by belting out your favorite karaoke tunes before the ceremony—with included pitch control and a four-part harmony setting, the Singtrix Party Bundle from Crutchfield will help you sound almost as good as the nominated artists.


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