The Essentials for Your Winter Break Family Ski Trip


By Tiffany Smith

Whether it’s winter break or simply a weekend during the cold weather months, going skiing is a great excuse to pack up the kids and take a family trip. Watching your little ones progress from the bunny slope to black diamond runs will offer priceless memories. Here’s what you need to check off of your list when planning your trip.

A Fun, Kid-Friendly Destination

Not all ski resorts are family-friendly. If you’re heading to the slopes with your kids in tow, research a place with amenities for all ages. Find one that offers short walks for little legs, patient ski instructors, and slow green runs where your kids can practice their skills. Not sure where to go? Take a look at these great deals on top ski destinations from LivingSocial.

The Right Ski Gear

Want skiing to become a family tradition? Make sure you have the proper supplies. If your little ones are just getting started, it might be cheaper to rent their equipment until you know that they love the sport as much as you do. Bundle up with outerwear like ski jackets, snow pants, hats, mittens, and goggles— but don’t neglect layers. This Columbia Baselayer Mid-Weight Crew will keep your future ski jump champion cozy to the core all day.

Games, Games and More Games

You can only play “I Spy” so many times before your little eye starts to twitch. Make sure you have a horde of fun games and activities handy to help pass the time during the long car trip. Pack entertainment options that will keep conversations flowing, like the Trip Talk Box of Questions.

Ways to Track the Memories

What’s the main goal of your winter break ski trip? To create great memories with your family, of course. Make the most of the time you share out on the slopes together by taking lots of photos and videos. Mount this GoPro HERO4 Session to your ski helmet for some amazing action shots. Think of how great next year’s holiday card will be!

Goodies to Turn You Toasty

When you head back inside after a long day of skiing—with frozen toes and big smiles—the last thing you’re going to want to do is cook dinner. Instead, plan ahead and make sure you have all the fixings ready for a warm supper. Coming back to chili bubbling in a slow cooker, or the ingredients for DIY tacos already prepped, can help your evening be as fun and carefree as your afternoon was.

But first, celebrate the end of your amazing winter break family trip with a round of hot chocolate for everyone (made extra frothy by the Retro Series Hot Chocolate Maker). And add a big dollop of whipped cream on top. You deserve it!

The latest GoPro camera, available at Crutchfield, is a much-needed accessory for your ski trip. Attach it to your helmet and take lots of photos and videos of your family on the slopes.


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